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  1. Cloud Gaming

    The thumbnail make me confusing about Ronaldo. 😂

  2. HУper

    EA : Reveals Fifa 22 ILproject : Did u even see FiFa 16


    FIFA 17.5

  4. Ubose Olorunfemi

    Suarez face did not change even on fifa 19

  5. Mr Genius

    Why did this show up in my recommendation. Fifa 22 is almost coming out and yt recommend fifa 15 trailer to me

  6. Boruto Shippuden

    pace pace pace and pace


    What about mobile 🙄

  8. Robert Boros

    bla bla bla same bs every year

  9. Nurse Nzi


  10. Ethan fury

    I’m gonna pre order it😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Παύλος αγγελης

    When will they reveal ratings

  12. Zusakhe Mkhovane

    You just should us a clip 1:47 on how you haven't fixed the midfielders defensively. Their ball watch and not tracking back to slot in the defensive zone. You're expecting us to control the Midfielders and Defenders when defending 💀💀.

  13. Zusakhe Mkhovane

    So defense will still be poor and goalkeepers motions are still not captured.. 💀💀🥱🥱.. wonderful

  14. Jeremie Dinanyi

    What is ea sports problen with nintendo

  15. 안스날

    powered by football? NO, never. SCRIPTED BY EA

  16. Ksawuś

    FIFA 22

  17. Ksawuś


  18. RayZer456

    4:49 😂😂😂

  19. Oliver V

    Spent two grand on a PC and you want me to spend at least another fifty for an essentially outdated version of a game 🤣 🤡

  20. Melvin Chundi

    the way they promoted it looks like it was so next gen but when it comes out bruh its just FIFA 21 with new kit

  21. Ben Kacak

    At least please give this gameplay on switch too

  22. Chukwuma Chimdiebube

    Fifa 17 remains the best fifa till date....

  23. yandel Pineda

    No mames ea todavía estamos en el 2021 ya tan rápido

  24. Rizzle Nizzle

    The game will be different for the first few weeks, then after a few patches the game play will be exactly the same as the previous game, they’re fooling all the kids that play this game lmao I won’t be buying another one.

  25. Shirley and Steven Show

    FIFA why is the world cup options is not showing on my CD of FIFA 18 plz help me out

  26. Gamelosophy

    Good old days

  27. Auto Muhammad Luqman Bin Kamaruzaman

    Dont care what people still buying it

  28. عبد الله جابي


  29. Peek Bee

    Watching this and literally feeling donkey ears growing on my head

  30. 扎西才让

    Why FIFA mobile is worse game too ever 🙄

  31. Solid Snake

    It's still kicking ball


    EA Sports, its still the same game.

  33. Liam Williams

    Is the bigger goal celebrations only on next gen?

  34. DIE CO

    Nice good game

  35. Ayoub Bellaoui

    Am waiting for a promo 🤓 -80%

  36. WeMissJReign

    don’t care release nba live

  37. Jo3T1mas

    0:21 Edgeley Park(Stockport Countys ground)

  38. Ryan Chillingworth

    The streets will never forget

  39. Christopher Wayman

    I hope the atmos is turned right up this season

  40. Choice Meat Randy

    FIFA with the same marketing technique for the last 8 years. FIFA 13 was the last time they actually tried. This trailer is completely bogus, what new features are they even advertising? That they got a bunch of millionaires in mo-cap suits to have a kick about? Everyone knows the game will be the exact same thing that they've been churning out, on the slim chance that they do actually "change" the game, they always revert it back to previous versions with the constant patches.


    Is this how you treat your loyal pc fans ea?


    Add vibranium by chunkz to sound tracks plz

  43. kingreyreigns

    It's now FIFA 22

  44. Rol3X

    the fifa that changed all fifa's

  45. alexandro jr Mendoza

    And the graphics on players faces still look the same smh

  46. The Football Bible

    Hypermotion and they still dribble, run and shoot like sticky robots. Keeping is still the same and defending is nerfed, while blocking is too unrealistic. Skillmoves don't look good and the players don't act like real persons. Cool names for features that won't make a difference.

  47. مس ليمو تكفين انا ولد مو بنت

    من المستقبل👍

  48. Aktyr

    Cant wait for this game. Fifa 21 is the first fifa i am playing and i love it. Can't wait to play a fifa since release for the first time. :)


    The new technology hypermotion is amazing bro

  50. francisco ramirez

    Los 13k no me gusta son de fans boys de pechito frionel que no les gusta cr7

  51. mushieee

    I swear ive watched this a million times since its relase.just makes me soo happy


    Dave:45? Jorgi: hey hey hey hey hey be serious😂😂

  53. Pers Jonn

    Ролик как всегда наебка для покупателя

  54. Adel Alsees

    they’re wearing 2017-18 kits in this trailer

  55. Trakz

    dead game

  56. Hai

    Nintendo switch should get Volta or Something thing new It deserves support too

  57. Said Alfonso Aguilar Peralta

    Fifa patinaje 20

  58. Leonal Mechi

    Efootball looks better

  59. Lion On Fire

    Shut up and take my money 💩💩💩

  60. IDarkNight

    more empowerment. freaking tired.

  61. Valentín Agüera Duarte

    Can we play fifa22 in play4

    1. Corrado Olivieri


  62. Vlad Petrusel

    Fifa 18 with new kits and transfers ......

  63. ThatGalaxyKid

    Me: Can I get something for player career? Ea: HYPERMOTION! Me: Ok forget I asked

  64. Esrael Yalemwossen

    Man starts explaining the new features Me: oh shut up

  65. Bernhard Wessely

    Love the way they renamed mo cap to "hyper motion" and call it brand new

  66. Dun Kim

    7 years ago...where has all this time gone?

  67. Jaskaran Singh

    rip ronaldo at real who saw it coming tho him leaving

  68. JæD’M

    They should’ve dedicated fifa22 to maradona. With a ultimate Version and him as the cover🙏🙏

  69. NatiReviews

    FiFA 13 will forever be the greatest ever 💚❤

  70. Hugo Fonseca

    Lets talk about minute 2:40 what the hell is that animation? Just waiting for bugs leading to own goals

  71. sion sebastian

    1:36 a defender's basic job is to intercept it, its not rocket science. Is this smart?

  72. Souma


  73. Maria Malgorzata

    they probarly copied fifa 21 and named it fifa 22 because it EA and they care only about money