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  1. Tomas fatinson

    The silent sharon industrially paste because eyebrow osmotically earn after a dysfunctional adult. foolish, fabulous tulip

  2. Hazem Sherif

    That intro is a psychological horror experience, I feel like my brain has been rewired for some purpose.

  3. ChibiMiiTen

    Wow, a game theory that isn't a lore theory but a science theory.

  4. Śmieszny Walenty

    Bruh they look like Orang

  5. Joshua Mullin

    Even though it's a game where enything is possible, still like his since

  6. Anthony Frisko

    Well, actually, first of all your basics of lightning are correct, however the biggest mystery of lightning to this date is still, how lightning overcomes air's resistance because believe it or not the high voltage alone isn't enough to make streamers connect. One of the current biggest theories as to how this works, with some evidence to back it is that cosmic rays bombard millions of atoms on their way down ionizing a channel towards the ground, creating a path for the voltage to effect the ground. For lightning this takes a lot, not because of the voltage but because of the distance lightning has to travel. Across a stadium, is a different story, where the energy needed to ionize a channel from a pokemon holding a large amount of static electricity is much lower. Tazers need those wires because they create an easy path for the electricity, but theoretically you could emit ionizing radiation in a beam to make a temporary channel on the air, knocking electrons loose from their particles in a path to the target, and then touch that beam with your high voltage protential... The reality is for electric pokemon to work on our world, it's not that complicated BUT there's a good chance that after many years of pokemon center visits from fighting electricv attacks, your pokemon will die of cancer, or hatch dittos from having high energy cosmic rays shot at it. Electric type pokemon are actually radioactive pokemon.

  7. Kaelani Revyruun

    The intro gag was a little off... Gotta pronounce “Shiny” as “Shineh” xD e.g. “Cos I’m SHAAIIINNNEEHHH!!!”

  8. Yuktube

    9:50 amogus

  9. Nicholas Vargas

    Guys help I bred a German Charmander and a Japanese Charmander and got some weird-looking Pokémon called Axis

  10. Jack Ternes

    It seems me and matpat share something now.. We both like shiny umbreon.

  11. O Desesparido

    And still no video talking about Omori Eventhough any Matpat video is a masterpiece

  12. onion onion

    Disney is calling you owe them twelve million,

  13. kennix_German

    Watch the New fnaf trailer

  14. TigerAceSullivan

    18 hour days for a whole year...

  15. cum visit us

    Pokemon isnt real,Digimon is real My grandpa


    I remember, when I was a high school freshman, the first GameTheory I ever watched (a portal video about companion cubes having people in them) and when I saw him do his thing is the beginning I thought "I hate when people try to pad watch time like this". Then I watched another and another and repeated the process. That was almost 7 years ago and I can’t remember the last time a didn’t rewind or pause the video when someone talked during the start of the video.

  17. Maceo king

    No no no no no no no the netherite is combined with diamond right but netherite is better than dimaind with out dimomd so combining dimond with it make it weaker right no the Smithing table upgrades your armor right no it combines it the dimonds should breaks when combined no because it was not combined with heat how did it combined upgrade it upgrade it how it upgrade the the dimond was teared so it could combined

  18. Alisher Pulatov

    6:39 that's gonna leave a mark!

  19. Akhu al Bani Al Himmar

    Make your mind up

  20. Cloued-wolf

    Can you do a fnaf theory on the paper pals

  21. Zinky Doinks

    ya know jake im not oing to open the cabinet

  22. Fred

    6:04 you can’t catch Umbreon in I’m pretty sure every main game. You gotta grind to catch/receive/breed a shiny eevee

  23. ztsb45

    With switch games you can choose your language at the start of the game, and with home you can transfer pokemon from games on different switch profiles to the same home account, effectively allowing you to trade with yourself and get those alternate language pokemon if you want.

    1. ztsb45

      Unfortunately it's not exactly the same as trading and won't allow you to evolve trade evo pokemon

  24. The Captain

    So Alabama must be loaded with shinies

  25. hissingkyleko

    Good I don't have a shiny

  26. Adam-Jad- Ryan-Safa


  27. tothedollsandbeyond

    I love the physic friend Fred bear song

  28. Marschall Blücher

    Why does the thumbnail look like it came from an old GT Video?

  29. Nostalgic Trilogies

    Btw , why some people think that chica is a duck or something /: she's a chicken 🐤

  30. DM64

    He wasn't wrong lol

  31. Umbrella

    Will you go

  32. Zachary Lowe

    Flawless intro

  33. Sidhant Sinha

    "more complicated than the zelda timeline"

  34. Samun Storay

    "Don't look back" is what is recommended for me

  35. Tsunami Dëmøn

    *You over here doing this* Me:what if the souls in freddy,chica and Bonnie are the little siblings of micheal’s friends?

  36. fluffy gamer 778 Watt

    I thought my phone broke

  37. darth vader

    the intro: everyone gets scared and runs Cassidy: yay more animatronics for William he will be so happy when he sees these guys

  38. Vodka

    No offense it sounds like your trying to to blame people, i think youtubers arent bad, but your trying to change the subject of shitty advertise. And shut up about johnney depp also you sound slightly like that kid that says HE DID IT TO. but yes online people are overlooked. I agree.

  39. Londonsbro Kamacho

    Jeb: o h o k

  40. Robot Munkee

    I <3 Mutants.

  41. jessinthevoid

    The best part of this video was the fraction of a second that MatPat acknowledged Tesco 😭

  42. FaithfulServant41 l

    I remember that Markiplier episode, good times.

  43. RBITD Gaming

    Yes finally the legend is back...!

  44. Priestley Onuh

    What i didnt understand: most of the video What i did understand: the moana refrence in the intro

  45. mxp official

    "i feel blue" changes whole mraning after this video

  46. L30 Games

    This is not ok my shiny clauncher will not survive !?!

  47. Danfull

    I'm only 45 seconds into the episode you had me with the parody of Shiny.

  48. errorstudioz

    Can’t wait to see what part of this video is gonna get you cancelled again.

  49. Imran Ahmed


  50. Dennis Woodard

    Why just why

  51. Dennis Woodard

    The Moana reference

  52. Demi Jade

    The picture of 'Evan' from the part where he I stalking about the book is scary because he has brown hair like.... CC's hair is brown too..... And has a brother that's really strange......? Can someone tell me to stop?! I think the book Evan is actually CC. But how can he be? CC is dead! CALM DOWN!!! Please can someone help me theorise? I am confused. Could Evan (the dad) be CC? I think he can, plus SKFFB said he'd bring him back, so maybe his body works, but when he's asleep he posses Golden Freddy but to make it look like he is still, he got his body to toss and turn? I think this is a good theory, for me. Can anyone agree? Thanks! BYE

  53. Dina Parvani


  54. Kristjan Kask

    Uhh i think you messed up michael for chris

  55. hot topic

    Me waiting for another fnaf

  56. elemator

    8:01, I'm sorry but this guy just looks like the stupendium

  57. Clayton Jackson

    The white brown bear does good for it's self. Edit: It's a brown bear that has a genetic mutation that gives it white fur.

  58. Bluey Duey

    I'm pretty sure soo many people would love if you made a theory about Cuphead

  59. Monna Annihilated

    "More on that soon" *Sips tea in 2021*

  60. Lupu Lover

    The only time i meet a shiny pokemon was when i first meet a new polemon not knowing it was a shiny

  61. Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales


  62. Clinn1909

    Now you’ve said it imma go get a meal deal from Tesco

  63. Aman Saad

    My dumb theory on how the drowned became the drowned : A dumb human decided to eat a creeper for lunch and then his face evolved to look like a creeper . Then he was cast out for looking weird . He spent days without clothes and without bathing . He was covered in moss and his survived by eating fish . One day he was near a giant magma field . It pulled his ship down but he discovered he could breathe underwater . He got angry , he wanted revenge against all the other humans . So he built a structure using all the prismarine he found underwater and hid gold in it to lure the humans into the monument for gold . He made guardians to kidnap them . Then he would give them a boat , make them eat a creeper let them go to go through the same thing he went through . So they became the same creatures he became and the surviving humans called them the drowned

  64. Dusk Da Demon

    When I heard those blue lobster chances I laughed because I saw one in kindergarten

  65. Nash Shiv

    Damn it......

  66. Zinky Doinks

    i love the intro it went from a fun tune then a rock song keep up the good work matt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  67. Jay Powell

    Thanks for being awesome you are a good person and I love your videos

  68. XxAngel Wolfie StudiosxX

    Me over here living in Kentucky and never seen a blue person

  69. 「 Phil 」

    That intro is giving me horrible flashbacks to that one lusamine animatic I saw- The animatic was great but what was going on in the animatic was not-


    Who actually has albinos in real life?

  71. Jay Powell

    My shiny evee will not die

  72. WOLF1234S2

    my childhood just got ruined

  73. C0pyKatt

    Can someone make a full version of that intro song?

  74. KirboMcBirbo

    Alright MatPat this is the last straw I just want to have a pink mudkip absolutely destroy a fire type pokemon

  75. Gage Gaming

    If you guys watch the vid it says the run revolves around luck I highly doubt he cheated but hey who will belive me.

  76. Izzy

    I've tried the whole "limited gene pool" thing in my Pokemon games. It dosen't work. Lol.

  77. Noah Raes

    Matpat:People hate two parters hmm?I know, I’ll make a three part episode!

    1. Noah Raes

      Yes, I know it was only to make a good episode and not one crammed with evidence.

  78. Cheesy gamer


  79. Sans The Skeleton

    Hey Matpat, What about shiny legendaries that CANT breed? Checkmate?

  80. McDude

    Shinies used to be special now its more common to see a full team of hacked shinies online than it is to see normal pokemon