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  1. Arjamil

    2:08 Mahrez be like: give it to me I want hattrick lol

  2. Tai Bach


  3. Toàn khánh

    Foden hay vl

  4. Bayu Budiyanto

    Coba pemain lapis semua mainin yakin menang?

  5. SiBiru1933 Store


  6. Roma Markopolo

    Good work wycombe😁😅😂

  7. Laura David

    This is like Adama Traore physique on fifa. Am i a joke to you dummy??

  8. Thomas Chen

    Foden is our new magician.

  9. Aki Lamperouge

    LMAO man utd loses their 1st game while City won with half of their academy players

  10. Laura David


  11. Emile Tente


  12. Emile Tente


  13. Emile Tente


  14. Nam Hoàng

    What's up Walks...

  15. Wingsof SuspensionLifts

    like the look wilson-esbrand

  16. budi utama

    plis liam delap for frist tim

  17. TheCompCop

    Don Robbie didn't like the ending to this video. Sami Nasri..

  18. qopoy dnon

    Mahrez se ha convertido en una súperestrella desde el “Leicester Impact”.

  19. ashok aryal

    I am only Bayern city fan❤️❤️ gracias sergio❤️❤️

  20. Atta Ur Rehman

    isnt it masd that his mother got him playing for city when his father is a united fan and he could have played for united

  21. Music Lover

    Mahrez, always making it look easy 👑

  22. Nam anh gamer mil

    am fan of 2 team, i wait that match for 2 week bro

  23. herman Man

    Kalah ....

  24. anis azil

    thats my boy mahrez

  25. Caesar Dhias™

    super FODEN √

  26. Ильгиз Мухамедьянов

    Молодцы ребята

  27. Abdourahman Omar

    5:27 what a goal it would have been if it was scored.

  28. Yusuf Ismail

    You shouldn't have done it, because your fans couldn't ever make it full house on match day. Pep is begging.

  29. Allif Tukiran

    Wooww first squad playing the Cup? Pep must be really wanna win trophies

  30. jack watkins

    stadium thats so empty nature has started to reclaim it

  31. van.

    0:09 is my new ringtone

  32. A Hamzinho

    not even a city fan but this put a smile on my face

  33. الهلال السعودي - Al Hilal Saudi

    السلام عليكم

  34. Gafsi Hdhili

    Guardiola is nothing ,just a name ,he dont make a players ,he just buy the best player easy when you.have money

  35. khabib ufc


  36. Armando el super ultra

    Super Temible el city Psg tiemblaaa

  37. Max Clegg

    The amount of Swaz from foden

  38. Sarı Yazma YaHışmazmı GözeLe

    Bu efsaneye bu kadar izlenme küçük kulüp taraftarı na yakışıyor galiba?

  39. Premier League Fan

    As a United fan,This was just heartbreaking

  40. Justin H

    The gaudy bit preliminarily found because reindeer connolly paddle barring a capable kettle. colossal, ambitious door

  41. MðhåmêР̧lêm

    Everyone says that Phil Foden and De Bruyne are the best in Man City, ignoring Riyad Mahrez because of racism because he is of Arab origin. This is the truth, despite scoring two goals and providing a pass to Phil Foden !!!🤬

  42. teo malvi

    insane dude hahahaha

  43. Tlotlo N Banda

    Why was Liam not playing tho

  44. Aadam Khan

    The woman wants Edison so badly

  45. Sarı Yazma YaHışmazmı GözeLe

    City efsanesinin taraftarları ırkçı galiba yada bu adamın yaptıklarına saygı duymuyorlar 90 kişi lik bir city li taraftar yorumu var

  46. Demian Mukete

    Torres goal is the calmest

  47. Sir Dook ChikN

    Every time Foden and Mahrez start together it clicks. Even KDB looks more menacing offensively when flanked by those 2.

  48. Martins Tardelli

    We will destroy Chelsea on Saturday

  49. sevimli çocuk

    Mahrez is the lung of Manchester City, he, kdb and Foden. I hope that Guardiola will not change them in the upcoming matches. They are the pillars of the team.

  50. J'Brian O'Campos

    Ese equipo debia dejarse perder ? O queeee!!!!!

  51. Kwezi Xuba

    class performance from the youngsters!

  52. a a

    Bernardo has to go to Barcelona and behave like messi and he will succeed believe me

  53. Mukul Vyas

    FIFA took Kyle Walker's last name seriously. 😁🤣

  54. Rose Adutwumwaa

    Foden goal is soo crazy and mind blowing. I love how the commentator describes his goal, Legendary goal of the season. Phil Foden 🔥😘😘😘❤

  55. Emong Arni

    Want tokhow artis the inengine motor Marlias One One One one

  56. English Patriot

    The oldest city fan:

  57. Towerofgodwiki

    Foden / debruyne / mahrez they are so important its because of them we reaches thé final of the champions league …. You cant make One of them on the Bench

  58. Forward To The Past

    nice to see a small club progressing to the next round

  59. Big Sis Africa

    2:18 is that grealish😂😂😂

  60. neon oxlade

    WE got the best youth squad in england and this is proof of it

  61. HABEN7

    Subscribe here 🥰🥰🥰

  62. AnonymousFootballFan

    Total handball ✋⚽😒 Bad call.

  63. Personal values supercede everything

    Lol the music

  64. Ana Elisa Tripodi

    Tevez mi idolo todo lo que lo hace bien.💙💛💙

  65. AnonymousFootballFan

    Great win, well deserved City! Nice goal, Foden 💙⚽💙 1st goal of the season!

  66. Md Aksh khan


  67. Typa Sym

    In carabao, city is to play championship teams only for 6yrs, contract agreed by FA.

  68. Abdirahman Bouraleh Grillska Stockholm SASAM21

    who is here after that mendy is in prison

  69. Blue ninjas

    0:29 u ain’t ronaldo lad

  70. The Adam Brothers

    Viva Ronaldo viva Ronaldo running down the wing here united sing viva Ronaldo viva Ronaldo running down the wing here united sing viva Ronaldo viva Ronaldo running down the wing here united sing.

  71. side man

    Palmer's goal was really nice 🤩

  72. Fa Rach

    Starling is good to day

  73. Fa Rach

    Wow mahrez again . Thank you Evry one

  74. Aniol Oliver Alsina

    La noche del Kun

  75. bodoti qwiu

    Bro the face Kevin made when talking about Zinchenko’s pace😭😭😭

  76. Ryan Beltran

    Maybe Pep is overrated but as an American I would love a coach like this in American sports.

  77. officalgilbert

    Foden man

  78. Krim Pro

    Mahrez + Foden + KD = Man City 🔥🔥🔥