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  1. Rizwan Sharif

    This is Palestine 🇵🇸

  2. Rizwan Sharif

    There is not any israel

  3. Shamim reza Babu

    Shame on UN ....😡

  4. Anthony James

    and so do the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves Mr. President.

  5. MrTwister444


  6. smg 88

    Israel terrorist

  7. Hendri Meintjies

    Is it possible for them to use the labour force of a poor country like Zimbabwe to keep building thier economy? Just wondering, because they are quite active in Africa.

  8. D

    There is no justice in this world

  9. Big Jumbo

    Aren't us humans a lovely species. If you're going to batter a man to death in the street atleast eat him or its just a waste.

  10. Dr Gunsmith

    Some of the other videos showing the buildings collapse, look like controlled demolition not buildings being hit with rockets.

  11. Hassan Sultan

    From super power by 2020 To super virus by 2021 🇮🇳💪 😆

  12. Summaiya Shah

    Israel enough is enough

  13. Here and Now

    Palestinian freedom fighters Vs Israeli militants


    How much will the government do? They just cant stop the virus , strategies just help a little , things will only get better when people start wearing masks and become more responsible.

  15. Beto Mapachin

    Ben Shapiro wants moschiac now

  16. Joshy

    Half burnt dead bodies in river ganges are not a rare sight. In covid times it becomes more common sight

  17. Earth+

    This is what Neo-con Netanyahu wants. He doesn't care how many Israeli people die, as long as his plans work out.

  18. Napoleon iii

    Our covid numbers are not real, but " Realistic". They are probably not even close to real numbers

  19. Arshad Mahmood

    No vote for Biden

  20. SIMJ DEL

    Iron dome, rockets and airstrikes🔥🔥🔥are they not tired? They have spent a lot to it...whats the point?

  21. Muklis Ardiansyah

    Stealing Palestinians land and build illegal settlement. Illegal Settlement for Illegal People

  22. sabari gireesh

    Check the blood samples of non covid Chinese people if we find antibodies then it is clear that china first vaccinated its people and then released the covid as bio weapon.

  23. support premier

    cursed on Israel and his supporters

  24. reg tab

    When you go out to war against your enemies, and see horses and chariots and an army larger than your own, you shall not be afraid of them, for the Lord your God is with you, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. And when you draw near to the battle, the priest shall come forward and speak to the people and shall say to them, ‘Hear, O Israel, today you are drawing near for battle against your enemies: let not your heart faint. Do not fear or panic or be in dread of them, for the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.’ Deut 20:1-4 If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Romans 12:18

  25. Milky Way

    Humans don't understand Humans use rockets how machine knows when humans use against humans.lack of understanding lead to innocent people's death. Try to cease fire both side and take a discussion to resolve. So no one get defeated. And all can live happy.

  26. Portofel Piele

    I still can't believe the balls on DW. Keeping the comments open. Mad respect for the work you do.

  27. Rajesh Chavan

    Violence is not the solution...

  28. support premier

    israel is illegement child by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad ali Jinnah

  29. Rajesh Chavan

    Need to find permanent solution from both sides 🙏

  30. nitesh mishra

    I am very disappointed that we are having to face criticism from all the parts of the world. Even, the media of every country are keeping their keen eyes on India. It is not very good for our national economy.

  31. Jay John

    People playing basketball while others are getting vaccinated on the sidelines? No wonder it's the lowest in the country! They also get a choice which vax they want?

  32. Door Mezing

    Israel the real terrorist

  33. stunter Manda

    Inside enemy is more dangerous, Israel get rid of sleeper cells in your country

  34. R T

    population reduction is the key of china development.

  35. thawdani

    when society realizes its best to have kids only if you are ready unlike our prev gen, birthrate plummets to 0

  36. Kranky. K!

    Their blood will be on your hands, taking people's homes and freedom, treating them like trash. Apartheid state is what it is.

  37. gouse naz

    Middle east peace process.. my foot

  38. stephen tarr

    Boris says we are levelling up, can we start with a pension that is not 1 3rd of a german or French one. I thing tories didnt like being compared to other EU countries it just shows how bad a job our government does 80 out of 100 years we have been under the tories so hard to blame labour who delivered many good things but very hard to pinpoint what the tories did for this country that is positive

  39. Rakesh Kumar Dubey

    Modi kahan gya thali bajo ghanti bajao light jalao...ek bar bhi ish bar tv par aye nhi kam se kam desh ki trasdi main bhi janta ko apna chehara dekha dete to pata chalata ki desh ki janta se sahnubhuti hai.chehra chupane se kam nhi chalega .desh jab aj etni badi dard se guzar rha hai ....

  40. Joshua Murthy

    God please save israel please.

  41. The golden Boy

    Who will profit from this ? Politicians and the industry Who suffers the people

  42. Telan chamara

    That doctor infront of virtual screen

  43. nas bakh

    Talking of the criminal army and Hamas as if they are of equal force is absurd and nonsense. Shame on you

  44. RJ John

    PM Modi is a coward which is why he has not addressed the nation instead he's more than happy to go to UN and say india has defeat Covid and take credit.

  45. sai srujan

    The war should end India with Israel 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  46. The Human

    Islam the main reason of voilence. We want islamless world.

  47. Pentti Saarikoski

    Eikö tää paska jo riitäis 😷

  48. Snow Moon

    Hamas n israilis both are itching for war.

  49. Samir Nuur

    Let israelians cry and fell like palestinians🤣🤣

  50. Samra Nisar

    Free Palestinian

  51. قاق قيق

    الله الكبر الله الكبر الله اكبر

  52. Snow Moon

    Israilis shouldnt rely on dome either...bcz it can be weakened.Its better it understand the language of peace n dont disrupt lives of palestenians further.

  53. Alan Castaneda

    India 🇮🇳 is always in our prayers during our prayer meetings and even in our Sunday service in our church (Evangelical) may God will bless India soon.

  54. Pankaj Khajouria

    The rivers have dead bodies floating! There is no dignity in death.

  55. S M


  56. S M


  57. g medeiros

    Across the globe the time has come .

  58. SO LO


  59. lionzion32

    Why exactly did Hamas decide to start a war when there were zero casualties at that point?

  60. Royal Enterprises

    God destroy the politician of both side who are going to war.

  61. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

    I wish I get this video thousand more likes.

  62. Lam Par

    Having a child living under a dictatorial regime rule without liberty for the rest of his/her life is not something every parent want for their children. 🙄🙄

  63. S M

    she will go in jail.there is case against her

  64. Sayadul Islam

    Isreal have to pay for that today or tomorrow.

  65. Truthseeker

    the news is misleading as usual. It was not Palestine who start the war. Israel was the first party bombard Hamas office, refer to the video before you report (DW news). Hamas just responded to Israel cruelty.

  66. Joan JSTKMW

    No war during Trumps’ time

  67. the unannointed one

    Who are the attacking

  68. Metaphysical Grace

    People who are oppressed and depressed don't make babies. Good info though. Most of their population is old so realistically they're not a threat. Hopefully this gap in birth will wash away all the evil people and their families influence who hold power over the citizens.

  69. Nicholas Colding

    This is so sad. My prayers go out to all those innocent Israeli.

  70. ناصر الوضاحي سليل الأزد

    اللهم أنصر إخواننا في غزة وسدد رميهم انك سميع مجيب الدعاء... عاشت فلسطين عربية مسلمة حرة 🇵🇸❤🇴🇲 Free Palestine

  71. irineu alves de lima alves de lima

    israel e uma terra que pertence a eles desde Abraão, quando jose foi pro egito ,os cananeus e os candeus .orfeus , tomaro israel achando que era deles , quando moises tiro a familia israelitas do egito pra leva a israel pois jerusalem ja era deles , esse povo que ta em gaza e outros pause visinho tao la de intruso , as terras pertence aos israelitas .ta escrito em registro biblico a milhares de anos ...

  72. Muhammad Ikhwan

    UN just a world silencer used by US and it Allies..

  73. Shubhendra Rai

    Perfect with the plan of peace Israel , India stands with you 🙏⚡⚡⚡🙏

  74. MrRipkord VF

    And btw... Philistines are NOMADS ... you never had a HOME, stop pretending to be something youre not and denying your own History ! I STAND FOR ISRAEL !

  75. Paddy

    I've got an idea. Let them come to Poland and say they want the borders to be shifted to the ones before WWII. They will get such a welcome they will never think about it again. To the German authorities, let them come, and Polish will resolve your problem with them in 5 minutes.

  76. Javed khan

    raja mast hai praja trast hai

  77. Dane Lee

    UN is a useless organization

  78. Karuna

    Won't pick up the ashes of their loved ones. Just shows how much the dead people were loved.

    1. Jim Porter

      Or maybe they have succumbed or moved on to the next live but needy relative.

  79. aymen masmoudi

    it's simple and it should have been done long time ago, we need to create a world military: 1- contains people from all nationalities 2- 1% of every country GDP goes to it's budget and it's role is simple whenever there is conflict like this, they make a vote on what to do, then enter and solve it with power if necessary.

  80. Longayan Judith

    LORD JESUS CHRIST 🙏❤️ sending your HOLY ESPERIT 🙏🙏 to save us