1. Qlaspi

    School threat type beat

  2. nyanrat


  3. ShiRo

    This looks like nursery rhymes animated this..

  4. A Cookie

    Man Ben 10s looking rough these days

  5. SLRz42


  6. nyanrat


  7. Michael Beutel

    The tiktok was accurate

  8. EL MATI


  9. Aln Boy

    6ixnine is better than this

  10. hugh jass

    Anyone that actually likes this song should off themselves

    1. fredo


  11. Cobblestone Sun

    Tf is this

  12. Opti Cxltures


  13. LowSpec Ghost

    Not even bad, I dont listen or watch dream but its not even bad too how people say it is

    1. Zaliant

      you should try listening to real music

  14. Boredom

    I didn't expect dream to look like Leonardo Dicaprio..

  15. Rehaan Hamidi

    Uh isnt he 21 how TF he in high school looking like Ben 10 then tf?

  16. 🍦~Elizabeth afton~🍦


  17. Luigigalaxy 78

    The message of the song is great, but the music part of the song isn’t good

  18. Benjamín Saenz

    damascus, that's what the point of damascus

  19. A Cookie

    2:11 His phone went from iPhone to Samsung

  20. Icy_hot_westcoast 17

    You know it’s funny how he used one of MHA’s instrumental for this “song” lol..

  21. Bone_Zy

    Guys I know the song might be bad but like listen to the lyrics is dream ok?

  22. A Cookie

    1:56 I thought he was inhaling his shirt

    1. Jayden Thompson

      hello person from a minute ago.

  23. Sovesss

    Now I'm not saying coronavirus wasn't deserved but...

  24. Giotis Raptis


  25. ozge also known as Liu

    go outside and touch some grass

  26. Jonathan Stone

    Normal pills

  27. Elle

    well this is definitely something

  28. DUBYAH


  29. CONclon3 _

    Doggy doggy where's your boNe.....

  30. mechal balofsky

    I like the song but the animation is not my favorite

  31. No.

    This song will be mentioned on my suicide note

  32. _Grimm_

    I- what is this 🤣

  33. WTF

    Life was good b4 i listened to this

  34. RyanWuzHere L.B

    Keep in mind 1 day after this was posted the video gained +200k likes all at the same exact time, but the view count stayed the same. Lol ok

  35. Magentapurple YAP

    Why are you booing this? Its actually incredible how they made all of this using a toaster.

  36. Taif

    cooome on it's not even that bad

    1. KUDZU

      People say opinions can’t be wrong...

    2. Taif

      @Noah Clarke nooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭

    3. Noah Clarke

      I smell cap

    4. Sustainable Hoe

      Yes it is

  37. Natalie Cothern

    Ben 10 looking a little different than I remembered

  38. Wrld.Of.Pearce

    “haven’t seen the light in ages” touch some grass

  39. boxy boy

    The point of the mask is to actually protect him from covid 19 Where your masks kids

  40. Yippy Yippy

    "they think I need glasses" pfft yeah screw vision

  41. William Paras

    Why are all the 5th graders relating to this song like your work is literally 1+6

  42. Tiny

    So long israel

  43. Zoe Mojallali

    This is good!🤪😋😋

  44. Cat

    Mans looks like a cocomelon character

  45. Jayden Thompson

    the most horrifying moment in my entire life 0:00 - 3:03

  46. afailurueditoruwu

    Pro tip:Don't rush your animators

  47. EBORNO Sharkerinator

    Twenty-one pilots and it's consequences have been a disaster for humanity.

  48. Andy’s Guitar

    He should’ve asked cocomelon to animate his video

  49. Cat

    Mans looking like a bitmoji

  50. XYZed

    you cant get of your mattress for another reason

  51. eli

    i'm so happy this came out. i love it

  52. Zoe Mojallali

    Wait is that what he looks like

  53. Jay Zeus

    Sweatshop animators at their finest.

  54. Nusrat Rahman

    live chat: POGGERS LES GOOOOOO comments: hehe ben 10

  55. halcy


    1. ozge also known as Liu

      don't disrespect chara like that

    2. Sovesss

      You basically killed him now

  56. Zelia Madeira


  57. No Name

    الاغنيه من النوع الغريب المتطرف الجميل بالخفافه

  58. Skits n’ Gamez

    I put this as my alarm so I can wake up before it

  59. Jovani Bruh

    What position tho

  60. Adele Shadiya

    This video is actually pretty good for a bunch of young animators on a short deadline like not my taste but I applaud them I think the song could def use a lot of work tho,,, like,,, just fix it until it's a whole new song

    1. Zaliant

      the deadline is the problem. no reason to be rushed

  61. Penne Man

    everyone be wearin masks for hours at a time lol

  62. Adrian Sedlak

    0:13 he's singing a whole different song there

  63. em

    no one gonna mention 0:45 where the mask literally teleports

  64. Fishy taco

    Why do people think this is such a bad animation this is insanely great

    1. KUDZU


  65. Geno Roszczewski

    Dream looks like the definition of hotdog water 😂😂

  66. YEETTT172 /Joax101

    i dont get the point of this

  67. MidiMaze178

  68. Wywyate MSM

    His hair looking like a filthy mop While those eye lookin like full limes

  69. Lol Idk

    That’s what the point of demascus

  70. Kimpton

    1:29 we know you don’t gotta say that

  71. max

    we all know a 9 year old kid is so gonna sing this in front of the whole school 😭

  72. Lol Idk

    What the fawk is this

  73. Awia Productions

    Dream sure has a lot nerve to destroy my eyes *and* ears.

  74. I stubed my toe pls help

    Look, dream isn't a musician so obviously the song isn't that good. Most people who like this are hardcore funs of dream. But like what you want.

    1. Zaliant

      you don't have to be a musician but one would expect for someone to make a song to at least put in effort

    2. Plastonix

      yea the song is kinda doodoo

  75. Jet PH

    id rather eat a bowl of nails then watch this animation again

  76. kenta chuchu


  77. kaylee : o

    This sounds like the last episode of my hero LMAO

  78. Moe Lester

    Gay lol

  79. Daniel Wheeler

    Serial killer vibes