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  1. Billie.my. love

    19-3....16 años 😳

  2. Awilda Abad

    And everyone says i sound like her BuT ITS TRUE I SOUND LIKE HER LOVE U BILLIE

  3. Maya Tara

    I haven't watched the doc yet, but I already know that Billie is more than just Billie. She is the product of an incredible family, creative, mature, and self supportive. When she talks about her brother and parents I see myself in her place when I was young but missing all that support and base to hold on to and wonder how different I would be today if I had grown up in a family like hers. She is amazing but we are not islands, we are the result of others around us and in her case it shows beautifully. Her family is a treasure and allowed her to blossom the way she did.

  4. Awilda Abad

    IM GONNA DIE IF I DON'T SEE HER im a big fan of u but im in England

  5. Nienna Ancalimo

    What she was saying in that song is happening right now after her pictures in Vogue. She's called with slurs because "ShE SaId ShE WoNt ShOw HEr BoDY". Yes because she didn't want to endure the pain of everyone looking at her and judging. She proved her point. Now I think she's tired of hiding. Plus she's young, that's a lot to process (being famous etc) and becoming a woman while old pieces of s*** have the audacity to say something (*hum* steven crowder*humhum*).. Like they don't have anything else to do than criticize a very talented young artist (plus intelligent and original for once) ? (idk if i made a mistake, non english speaker here) And a special thank for reading :)

  6. Lesley Thompson

    anxious twerking

    1. Lisa


  7. Rays videos

    looking back at this.....can’t believe how far she has came

  8. yasmeen hasan

    I also love swag like you

  9. yasmeen hasan

    I am your big fan!!!😘😘

  10. i _chips

    its classic song right ?

  11. Saravanan Jcb

    You voice is fantabulous there is no word to say what it is. I am really have a believe that I can able to sing.

  12. Amanda Harris

    Beautiful Angels

  13. Amanda Harris

    Love both of them so much 💕💕💕

  14. Billie Ralston-Sill


  15. Hinary Ridahs

    Who is Muja?

  16. Amanda Harris

    Ur God is going to owe u !!!

  17. Amanda Harris

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Amanda Harris

    Twin flame

  19. Cameren Edmonds

    Billie we tired of waiting drop the song already😫😫

  20. Reena Kharb

    Billie at 13 : Making such beautiful songs Me at 13 : Trying to balance the light switch

  21. zahra21

    Gw indo sndri njir

  22. sharon Liu-di


  23. theyoung champzaba

    *SENSATIONAL* Ocean eyes aren’t necessarily going to be blue. Ocean Eyes are eyes that are so deep that you can just fall into them. Eyes that you can’t resist falling in love with...it's a pool of love and great adventures. You can't help but fall in love with someone who has ocean eyes. Someone with whom the only means of expressing your feelings is through their eyes.

  24. the family

    * *twerk bc everybody else be doin it* *

  25. Dyorah Panko

    i can’t believe lots been 5 years already

  26. Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren

    When will this song come out?

  27. Tito Chaparro

    Yo viéndolo con mi aracnofobia 👺💅

  28. Just some Crappy youtube account

    summer come faster

  29. swaggy fitri

    Anyone got recommended on 2021?

  30. Clarisse Maria


  31. maelituッ


  32. Jen jen

    Billie ilproject.info/film/fqBpXqqdp9iH1LM/wyd-w.html

  33. Kaio Gabriel Da Silva

    Hahahahah o que caralho 😎🤙

  34. Leigh Innit


  35. neel jani


  36. Ashley Chan

    ocean eyes~

  37. Bigger Macs

    Here comes her next Grammy 💃🏼🏆

  38. Clare Persino

    No offense but she sounds a bit better when she is 13 then her song like therefore I am or bad guy (its my opinoin)

  39. Akshay Kumar


  40. Elielton Miranda

    research anitta's new song with cardi b "girl from rio"

  41. Bryan Jernigan

    Sorry can’t forget your talented awesome brother either

  42. Vincent Wilkinson

    i'm the dad guy

  43. Bryan Jernigan

    What a beautiful talented young girl can’t take that away from you ever

  44. Wayne Thunderbird

    Your healthcare is not my responsibility.

  45. Mr. SlimeEmOut

    rylo did it better

  46. Billie was here

    2:00 That transition is just- *chefs kiss*

  47. Wolf Royal Studios

    I'm too ticklish... but cute little friends there

  48. Min Rygi

    Why did I read the title “ahahaha” as camila cabellos’ laugh im my oh my 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. Junior Santos

    Gosto da Billie mais não de aranha

  50. cassie honkers

    *confused at the comments twerking*

  51. Adora Clark

    And here i am, this was recommended to me 7 years later

  52. Razan roblox

    ا حبككككككك 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. Thongkham Bunkhan

    2021 sense 2016

  54. Jayda Wilson gallego

    None should make bad opinions about Billie she needs respect not hate and we have to love, respect her for how she dresses

  55. Marluce

    hi hammm I don't know what to say, I'm just going to see the song

  56. Diego Alberto Mendieta Morales

    me no speak englis

  57. hannahisabigwinner


  58. فوفو كيمر


  59. dion bergin

    Some I did not need to know, She has done so well. I will listen she was on australian late tv it was great.

  60. Cokra ez

    Billie I love you so much also I love you're blond hair I also wanna say those pics you took were fabulous :))))

  61. Elijah Pipino

    I already resonate so much that once this shit drops ik I'm bouta SOB

  62. Sherrie D

    I love Billie Eilish hello who really Eilish you're so cool Billie Eilish and I love spiders to I love spiders to OK cool and I love your videos and I look at song by my tongue that's my favorite song my other favorite song you should sing in the ground and I'm the bad guy

  63. Linda González

    Como para llorar toda la noñe:')

  64. Omar Hisham

    Pov: you searched for this

  65. Alexis Otti

    They are right😊

  66. ecliptictimes

    cant believe she was 15 in this, this just proves you can do anything at a young age. whats that thing you want to be? a streamer? a singer? a dancer? you can be anything. you can do anythin.

  67. poggerz

    2019: nah 2020: hmmm no not yet 2021: lets put this in everyone's recommended

  68. Alexis Otti

    Cool I like it😎😎😎

  69. David Grcic

    Why is this in my recommendation rn haha

  70. mari

    Me to my family

  71. Jeannette Martinez

    Why Billie Eilish why if you don’t know those are poisonous spiders

  72. Priapatius Priapatius

    If you like this, you deserve the death penalty. N O W

    1. Minty_PlayzYT

      @Priapatius Priapatius why tho, its an awesome song ;-;

    2. Priapatius Priapatius

      @Minty_PlayzYT yes

    3. Minty_PlayzYT

      And this is why I donut read comments often