ABBA, whose name is made up of the initials of the four members’ first names - Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad - was one of the biggest pop groups of the 1970s. Forming in 1972, the Swedish band burst onto the world stage two years later with their mega-hit ‘Waterloo’. With Björn and Benny as ambitious and ingenious writers/producers - their forceful manager Stig Anderson sometimes helping out with the lyrics - and Agnetha and Frida providing their compelling and emotionally charged vocals, the group was a powerful presence on the pop scene, conquering the world with hits such as ‘SOS’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Fernando’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Take A Chance On Me’, ‘Chiquitita’, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and ‘Super Trouper’. Disbanding in 1982, the extraordinary success of the 1992 compilation ABBA Gold brought them back in the public consciousness, where they have remained ever since.

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  1. Ricardo

    Popular opinion: This song is a blessing to our ears❤

  2. mel welker

    Thank You ABBA.💙💙💙💙🇦🇺😷

  3. Елена Тушина

    Это можно слушать бесконечно,как и 30 лет назад!!!!

  4. thepuffinboy

    What a stunning comeback song

  5. Martin Cortes elwachimingo 3

    **T pose**

  6. Jose V. G

    Not so different to the ABBAtars, I guess

  7. Col. Ludlow

    Since 1974 A Standard how to make timeless Popmusic

  8. MAG FF

    I listened 🇺🇸

  9. Sammi Salt

    my breeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath gimie gime gime gime a man after midnight

  10. Софья Кутепова

    ABBA- God bless each of you!Thank you for your beautiful songs!❤️♥️🤭👍💯🙌❤️♥️🤭👍💯🙌❤️♥️🤭👍

  11. Софья Кутепова

    It's splendid and wonferful! ABBA- forever!💙💜💖🍀🌿🍃💙💛💚❤️👍👍🤭👍👍👍👍💯💯🙌🙌🙌

  12. Kelly D.

    The best ever! ABBA! So happy you're back! The world needs your beautiful music! 🎶🎶🎶

  13. Marika P

    i never been a abba-fan. But i understand the biggest. they have a own sound and its great! So many songs is still very now! lyrics amazing! Welcome back ABBA! You have been missed!! Ta hand om er!!

  14. Agent 301

    Is it just me or does Abba need it own patent fishing lure? Like so shiny, so shimmery!

  15. Melissa Carling

    I walked into class today and instantly said “is someone playing ABBA?? Wait, what is that song?!?”…..amazing how their sound is so ICONIC that even their new creations are instantly recognisable. Good quality is timeless.

  16. Eirik Rødberg

    This is such a cool rocker.

  17. Robert S

    One of the greatest bands ever, in existence.

  18. M M

    But the Tax meke noney hell

  19. THAT ONE GUY 11


  20. Saurabh Chauhan

    Came here from David Dobrik's "MY FIRST TIME LEAVING THE COUNTRY!!" video. He always chooses the best songs. Nice!

  21. Ronaldo soto

    Musica del ayer muy bonita

  22. lanoveio

    the lyrics take a long time

  23. Cliff Curtis

    I just saw a video where "Agnetha" (the blonde) says her name is pronounced "Onyetha". How did we screw that up?

  24. An Duy

    *Nhạc đi trước thời đại ! Nghe mãi k chán quá hay*

  25. Joan sandra Anderson

    Great song

  26. Ri Nato

    I cannot help remembering again and again when at school half of my class laughed at me because I had used ABBA's "Ring Ring" in a school project where we had to create a play with our voices to be transmitted on the radio. In my mind I cannot stop crying and laughing at them when I listen to these new songs.

  27. Nhà Nada

    Bài hát kinh điển :3

  28. Brittney Jeptha


  29. Anna Robertsson

    Hej ABBA waterloo är den bästa låten jag har Hört! Jag gillar också era andra låtar :)

  30. Mauricio Oliveira


  31. Thịnh Trần

    Có ai việt nam k

  32. samuele

    gli ABBA sono la mia vita, e sono riusciti a ritornare nella mia vita 💖💙💙💖

  33. Lucifer Satori

    ))) ...

  34. [redacted] [redacted]

    Statue of Liability

  35. Terry C.

    Dear ABVA...Spoiler Alert...YOU DO HAVE IT IN YOU! The quality of songs STAND ABOVE your age. It ALL COMES DOWN TO LOVE!!! 💗, The World

  36. roygbiv330

    i heard they will have reunited in 2021

  37. Mareo

    ABBA!!!! My favorites…🥺🥺🥺

  38. Jesus 2030

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    1. Jesus 2030

      @UC-IpI49oQdo4qCleRkBDS0Q that is your belief...

  39. Batphink 2

    Sounds just like 'Classic Abba' which is a beautiful thing!

  40. Matthew Richardson

    Agnetha or Anni-Frid?

  41. John Hudson

    Fantastic... ABBA band No.1 !!!

  42. Lorenzo Tinfena

  43. Batphink 2

    The songs these guys wrote often had more melody within them than many new bands do on an entire album. ABBA's music was masterfully composed and played and the girls have voices of Angels!

  44. neo 022

    Фантастические красавицы! Завораживающие голоса, красота спасает мир!

  45. hà văn cường


  46. Mascitical miserable

    cant imagine new year without this song...

  47. David Stevenson

    Never really was an Abba fan, appreciated their skill as a cut above normal pop bands rather than loved them - but this song is on a whole different level.

  48. Eirik Rødberg

    I think they will sell a shitload og physical copies of this album. Of course like everyone they make it available by pre-order to get a High chart position and sell as many copies as possible. I see this album going nr.1 in all European countries. Hip hop crazy USA will be a tough sell in comparison, but it will go top 5 for sure. Will it have staying power though? Will it be Number 5 the week of release due to an enormous amount of presales then drop to 175 the next week only to be gone forever after that. We will see. If they have more good singles perhaps the album voyage will have some staying power.

    1. Eirik Rødberg

      @Watchflex Watchflex yeah. If it is a good xmas song it will be played every year like the Chris Rea song and others we hear every desember every year.

    2. Watchflex Watchflex

      Album charts are very different to singles charts and,Voyage will be a huge seller,number one Europe wide,top 10 in The States and have a good chart life.I can see both Voyage and Gold being both in top ten at Xmas and don't forget they have a Xmas song on the album.

  49. Keisuke Yanagimachi

    What a long long voyage! It's very very good timing for us that you're back in this difficult time due to this pandemic. Because you've made us happy and given us hope ever since you started with your impressive songs, we've really been waiting for you! Thank you ABBA, I enjoyed your concerto held in the Temple House in Tokyo 40 years ago.

  50. Lalbiakthanga BeeTee

    When happiness lives the best out of its life, this song plays in the credit


    The piano tune reminds me of Thomas the tank engine 😂👍🤣👌

  52. Guy DeGregg

    As a teenage boy in the 1970s we could never admit that we secretly loved this band.

  53. C. M. R.

    OMG you sound like 40 years ago. Tears run down, when listening to the new songs. Best time of my life shared with ABBA. The only music my parents shared their enthusiasm with me and only therefore you have always been so very special. Your sound is so special. Even when I am depressed - listening your music brings me up in a minute. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC❤️❤️❤️❤️ AND PLS DON'T WAIT ANOTHER 40 YEARS WITH NEW SONGS💕💓💗💞💖💝💋💋💋💋

  54. Hippocrates, M.D.

    I have a dream to find me wealthy man, Funny funny, that what all women do!

  55. C. M. R.

    My beloved girl with the golden hair still sounds like 40 years ago. Agnetha you have been my first and for ever greatest love. I am female and hetero, but you have touched s. th. deep inside me. Your voice, your sexiness, your pureness. ❤️

  56. Joelson Pimpão Brito

    Sempre q eu escuto ABA eu já quero dar uns 200.likes porque é muito bom escutar as musicas deles, é relaxante é animo p o dia dia. É muuuiiito bom.

  57. Michelle Quarré

    cool 2021

  58. Donna Kebab


  59. Joselas

    It would be a nice hymne for trasgender people. Great ABBA!

  60. Julio Jiménez

    This song is simply iconic, morally ambiguous, and somewhat questionable, but iconic. God exists, creation bears witness to it, God loves us, but sin separates us from Him, therefore He sent His Son Christ to live a Holy life, to die on a Cross paying the penalty for our sins, saving us from the condemnation, dark powers and curses, reconciling us with God only by Faith in Jesus and his Sacrifice, Giving us Eternal Life, God bless you

    1. friend2truth

      Why theists feel like inserting their invisible sky daddy into every conversation no matter what the topic is a puzzle to all rational people.

  61. Stuart Murray

    It’s hard to describe the joy ABBA brings in their music. Every song brings back memories of my childhood, I don’t think it’s possible to ever tire of them. I was fortunate to see them in concert when I was 11. Their comeback album is very exciting.

  62. Elke Dieker

    Es rührt mich zu Tränen, diese wunderbaren Stimmen nach so so langen Jahren endlich wieder mit neuen Songs hören zu dürfen! Danke, danke, danke für diese schönen Lieder! ♥️

  63. Brian Lauri

    THE Greatest Group of all time.

  64. Yeah, Ok

    They played this on the bus during my first ever field trip. Big memories. I hope everyone that was on that bus is doing well nowadays. 🤞🏾

  65. marina ber

    Моя самая любимая песня из репертуара АББА.

  66. matzepunch_Gaming

    ohrwurm its coming

  67. emma khaona


  68. PanzerKaput


  69. Andy Lockett

    This makes me feel so emotional, my musical tastes are different now but ABBA are truly timeless.

  70. Julio Jiménez

    It was very catchy music God exists, creation bears witness to it, God loves us, but sin separates us from Him, therefore He sent His Son Christ to live a Holy life, to die on a Cross paying the penalty for our sins, saving us from the condemnation, dark powers and curses, reconciling us with God only by Faith in Jesus and his Sacrifice, Giving us Eternal Life, God bless you

  71. Elvar Masson

    I struggle to understand why anyone would not like this song. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

  72. firefishable

    Never say never....

  73. Joey Gonzalez

    We do have it in us!

  74. Anja

    Selbst als Rockfan kommste da nich dran vorbei. Schon grossartig.

  75. 凹凸

    i remember this song from my mom's nokia

    1. ꧁༺[☾︎Chill Wolf☽︎]༻꧂

      Yes same

  76. GRIM REAPER и это


    до сих пор слушаю!!!

  78. Martin Curran

    It's our mother that's the reason us younger people are here listening to ABBA