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Don’t worry! Here you can find fun back-to-school DIY-projects, crafts, school hacks that’ll earn you an A+.
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  1. Kitty Cat

    Best mom

  2. XxFnafisToastxX

    Haha I don't Have to worry about my charger cause I have huawei and everyone else from my family has iphone

  3. Paola andrea Ramirez echeverry

    Muy buen truco

  4. Ygachatuber Anime

    Creepy way to make nightly bathroom trips scarier

  5. paola pinzon


  6. paola pinzon


  7. xavior the great

    Who has a foot fetish now???😏

  8. Katie Thaxter


  9. Ana

    LIFE HACK!: Wen u don’t want to do something make ur child do it, simple!

  10. Andriely Messias

    Gostei muito do sabonete de pé, tanto q fiz um verde

  11. Frédéric Lebondo



    What is this 😲❓Athu enna pa

  13. Sandra Marques

    O brigado

  14. Sandra Marques

    Amei a dica 😍👍

  15. ellwnpasta


  16. الاسطوره


  17. josé antonio


  18. I just Need a account

    Paint the slide

  19. Amino A

    Everybody is a gangsta until ya scrub yo hands with feet

  20. Haya M

    هي الصبونه قصرت ف حاجه ياناسسسسس

  21. Nanda Otaka

    Pra baixa da égua com essa palhaçadas

  22. Vrenesmee

    imagine going to her house and finding random organs on the wash basins and in the bathroom.

  23. Chandni Sekh


  24. Sahara Aguila

    El último😕😕😂✌

  25. Mariagggu9g Carelli


  26. Ahmad Faudzan100


  27. Samara Moreira

    Cbjhhhhgb. Bbbhh de nada ainda não sei se posso te p

  28. Mira_Gamez ᕙ( ~ . ~ )ᕗ

    Im the only who Said:what the hell is wrong with you

  29. zineb Zugar

    نعم انها لمخدرات😵😵😲

  30. •Gąrnêt•

    This is dumb i normally use a NORMAL soap and i not use my leg or face for soap , is weird and in the night if i see my face in a soap im moving to Asia and i burn the soap.


    Se supone que me va a ayudar en algo???😐

  32. Bani Dhurvey 4thc

    What is this

  33. Dudeedyn Ysmael

    What?!? My mom is freakin lying to meh UGHHHH

  34. ෴Adian෴

    Let your cat eat plant bc it's healthy for them.If they don't eat they can die sometime so -.-

  35. Kgirlssquad

    Using a face to wash your hands

  36. Greg Holman

    That's not cool.

  37. halil bozyel

    Çok güzel yaptı Nasıl yaptınız bunu

  38. وليد خالد

    Ko mbe

  39. halil bozyel

    Kızımıza söyleyin delimine

  40. Brittany Valantin

    Name of song

  41. Vernessica llerem

    That soap looks like you would find it on a footfetish online store

  42. Haschley Oliveira

    Só tem jente falando ingles😐

  43. Jhosef Lim

    00de10 jajaja jajaja jajaja

  44. Vernessica llerem

    Just no. That soap is the most terrible thing I have ever seen

  45. hajeer mohameed

    أريّــّد أعًرفّ ڜ صَأر بِوُجٌهأ بِعًديّــّنہ 😂😂🤣🤣

  46. Ryze, the rune mage

    Foot soap.

  47. Naitik patel

    Kaisi mummy hai apna bacha ko chips bhi nahi da sakti

  48. Mushroom_boy

    The only reasons I can imagine why someone would actually have the foot one is they probably thought it would be funny or they got a foot fetish

  49. lechww

    Ya pero, ¿porque me querria lavar las manos con una pata?

  50. MegRian Playz

    thats from five minutes crafts 😒🙄

  51. Hilda Hernandez Alavez


  52. Harper my girl

    Stupid. Can you make some money?

  53. Suganthi Ramesh

    They just did for vid if it is real... sorry to say but death

  54. Deadly_Peaches

    I know for a fact that is not her damn face cause that looks like the Barbie mannequin head

  55. Ajit Singh

    So nice👍👍👏👏😊😊

  56. King Woolen

    Ima make one of my

  57. 蕭文涵


  58. •H4NN4H•

    She should make one that's a sculpture of her body-

  59. Aaron Bustos


  60. Emilia Smukke

    Number 2 was soooooo satifying!

  61. Danita Chelsea

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺awwwwwwwww that was so cute

  62. Alin cîrstea


  63. Ulanda Yarbrough


  64. Random stuff 🏎

    She could just get her a doll

  65. Kat Pa

    It was so rude of her to cut your hair*******†***********

  66. Nancy Sharma

    My mother would almost kill me for this

  67. José Arauz


  68. Jaylynn Roethlisberger

    Nobody thinking they possibly stole this Video? Cuz im pretty sure this video belongs to 5-min crafts, or Troom Troom.

  69. __________ch


  70. JXM3S

    Everyone gangster till the soap finishes.

  71. husan khan


  72. にこ 桜が似合う


  73. 🦋 Rebecca🦋

    *Calls Khaby lame*

  74. Raj Nada


  75. Sofi gameplays

    Te vi un jabón líquido en el de pie

  76. Sahar Fa

    Boys now what i think😏