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  1. Alina Shaffer

    I love them together they have some much chemistry. I really hope they explore there relationship more in future seasons.

  2. BlitzkriegOmega

    okay question: Why is Artorias in Castlevania now?

  3. Acktull Solet

    Why Morgan Freeman is not God? XD

  4. Calico Red

    There even fckn with our legends now... enough is fckn enough!!! No more talking, no more watching this crazy crap!!!!

  5. Luis Delius A.F.I

    Esto pasa cuando dejas que las redes críen a tus hijos. :v

  6. JSkillz2315

    Bring Dracula back

  7. Calico Red

    R u fckn kidding me!!!!! They turned Arthur into a woman just cuz..well no fck u very much.

  8. Safir Aksel

    I want Katie phone case so bad

  9. D Kindness

    Whats this song!

  10. Avicii always

    Wow 👏. This series is so good.

  11. Lucibeth Nunez

    Outstanding performance by Christian !❤

  12. Prabhat Kumar

    For ecology students it is better than average movie

  13. Ismael abregana

    The voice of the narrator makes this documantary more beautiful...😊😊

  14. jcaashby3


  15. Marc Laranjo

    this feels like coco, i dont know same vibe...?

  16. Rhea Roberts

    It’s just the trailer and I’m here crying

  17. phenomenal SHUBH

    Then boxing exist 😆

  18. chicken isindeedmystyle

    I want Isolde back

  19. Ron Whitby

    Anybody else notice the chick in the red bandana like spazzes out in the last frame before they cut to the next scene?

  20. S3D0M

    live action invinvible

  21. chosen mstn

    Cool movie but it’s kind of sad even the funniest guy in comedy can’t even make a real comedy because of cancel culture mentality such a shame he probably would have never made something like this 5 or 10 years ago.

  22. Uday Wazir

    This is gonna be goood

  23. Jaden Ruffle


  24. Delson Galasinao

    Finally Ive been waiting it for very long time.

  25. The MHB

    Please add this Ragnarok series hindi dubbed audio................

  26. Oversharegamer

    I really lime epps but im tired of the same types of tv shows. Its been 40uears straight of watching wives always mad at husbands who constantly make mistakes.

  27. Stephanie G

    Good for Daleesa for getting out of NY. Me too girl. Making a living in Ny is so hard. Moved to Nc last year!

  28. SAY98

    I'm so fuc... Hype thank you Netflix

  29. janaye

    still waiting Netflix...😐

  30. blah!

    I had sleepless nights after getting a MRI scan. First realisation that I am claustrophobic. This movie is going to be a nightmare for people like me, lol. It looks great though, but sucks that I don't have the courage to watch it 😣☹️

  31. Kellyofthecorn

    *inhales* THE FANFICS

  32. cedarnsage

    I cant find it on Nexflix anymore???

  33. cristobal maldonado

    Wheres Johnny?!!

  34. Zekkun

    I just finished watching this

  35. The trAsh Master

    hoooooooly shit

  36. John Crawford

    This video should be removed. The original is better. She thinks she's selena

  37. Jas Bataille

    That's the dopest video game anthology trailer I've seen... oh wait Ah shit

  38. Coolduder Bald

    Christian Serratos = BAE Geez she looks yummy! 😋 lmao

  39. Zachary Prete

    So excited for this series to come back. Such a good show!

  40. Derick Bueno Pereira

    bem ruinzinho, nem a Amanda salvou o filme

  41. Eduardo Viajero

    Was that the Harry Potter kid?

  42. Terminal_823

    Worst case scenario we got Ein

  43. Andrew DePello

    Literally love everything about this show


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  45. Patricia Perez

    This is an amazing film! I recommend it! 👍🏻

  46. Arlin Tso

    I keep forgetting these are actors and not the real people. God, the make up artists did very well.

  47. captmodano

    Dam....Kenny Rogers song and Perfectly !!!....Zombie Tiger...LMFAO

  48. Fathia Medina

    Just watch it, and regret it. I'm so confused of the ending

  49. adam


  50. Katya L

    Oh, look, movies are fun again.

  51. Jose Andres Pineda

    Waiting 4 hours to start watching it an not sleeping.

  52. diego g.


  53. j m

    Fckyea was hoping part 2 would release before fall. Loved part1

  54. Devainit

    Usually, I'm fine with remakes but this........This is just horrible. LIGHT YAGAMI WAS ONE OF THE SMARTEST BEINGS IN THE WORLD! Now you turned him into the most cringy beings in the world.

  55. Svetlana Sygiainen


  56. A little trolling

    Where is the Hong Kong cat lady dev team?

  57. A A

    Little did we know - It was the start of something beautifully Mind Blowing 🤯❤️👍 One of the best shows ever made.

  58. NG Chloe

    loving how the 3D animation is looking, it sounds like it'll be a fun movie(It's supposed to be a series, but with how few episodes there are, it's basically a a low budget movie)

  59. Kellen Moon

    this month is so real! jupiter legacy castlevania s4 final ragnarok s2 army of the dead love death robot DAMN WHAT A MONTH ✨

  60. Remigio Vergara L.


  61. pablo eskimo

    Whenever leon and Claire get together they should know that something is about to go down

  62. Dri. M.

    This show is legit. Binge watching all the episodes now. Mike Epps, Kim Fields, Wanda Sykes... and the supporting cast is funny, too. ❤

  63. Amari Curry

    I wanna see a video with Savannah and Terilisha fight and you see Terilisha’s blue hair on the floor with Savannah’s makeup prints on the concrete😌 my life would end on a good note

  64. LouMisc.

    Is this considered anime though?

  65. Mike Moore

    Holy shit a league movie ??? Oh im ready

  66. Homicidal Nun

    Less fuckin gooooooo

  67. Anh Phan Thục


  68. blackflip97

    Gina Rodriguez is a racist

  69. Nakreid

    Omg yes

  70. El Camino Nacho Grandez

    Sigh...i don't know ...the book is really dark and sad....that's why it was so successful in the first place. Either way i hope this works

  71. Hariz Ragav

    Who comes from filmy craft 🙏 arun

  72. Randel Santos

    I love this so much

  73. Cath 035

    De Aging VFX was so good, but their bodies can't lie.

  74. Bahamut Zilla

    um is there really a lack of idea's for movies? a stand movie where no one can sit. how about a movie where no one can walk, or how about a movie where people cant eat so they starve to death. my goodness anything stupid is turned into a movie nowadays. this movie reminds me of the Home Movies episode where coach McGuirck cant sleep and he snaps at poor little melissa for suggesting that he close his eyes and his reponse is priceless.

  75. Christine Espinoza

    It's like Letters to Juliet