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  1. titus metcalfe

    Drake got CARRIED

  2. Kuzie Mkosana

    Baby if you want me can't turnin up with anybody

  3. Lion Heart

    Almost swallowed 60 thousand 60 pieces

  4. Mohamed Kaki

    Why the leaked ones always better than the original 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. AFactt

    I had to wait so long and forever till' it said, 'I only love mybed and my mama.. im sorryyy

  6. Jamela Jones

    Drake kinda thicc in the beach scene

  7. Video media 101


  8. Acere

    Wtf is this 😐

  9. Tiffany

    This video is hilarious 😂😂😂

  10. Kyle Davis

    Freddie Gibbs makes this sound like childs play. “You a real crack baby I’ll yank ya mommas funds 🤭.” This shit is just drake 😂. Nothing we haven’t heard before. Do yourself a favor and listen to vice lord poetry by Freddie and realize how weak drakes verses sound lol. Getting carried out of the bar drake? Real fucking hard hahaha

  11. Rap Brown

    Young thug is on this track for no reason.

  12. Chris Villanueva

    Too sexy for her 😩

  13. Bryan Williams

    🌬❄️Giveon 🥶☔️

  14. CreatezFN


  15. Sucre 1K


  16. Shikotsu 93

    This one’s pretty awesome 💯👌🏽

  17. Tom

    people always assume they know your struggle, this why like Drake. People love what you do but also love to hate you its weird!!

  18. Huncho John

    Lets be honest guys that John Travolta wear out the grooves and the Michael Jackson references were on point, not even going to mention Drambo Thirst Blood😂...

  19. im RP

    Normal peoples : listening the song Legends : whatching meme😂

  20. A.D's Adventure

    Party 100% wrote this 😍🥰

  21. Horele Junior Casseus

    They need to bring back the old school that we miss everyday 😓

  22. Shikotsu 93


  23. Mr Jiminy

    Richard Fairbrass begs to differ about Drake's claim.

  24. Rohit Balu Desi Vlog

    Top h bhai🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Jap Sukei

    Chris Brown would’ve sufficed on this I’m sorry

  26. Pedro Alvarez


  27. joel santos

    That Kanye portrait in the wall lol

  28. Parthip mp

    used to vibe the song on christmas day ni8 2018❤️‍🔥

  29. Spike Blaze

    Loop the first half

  30. Parthip mp


  31. Parthip mp

    who’s watching on 23 sep 8:40pm

  32. Danny Akens

    Drake gotta do a young dolph feature ...regardless it's gonna be fire ....Drake do it bro...Can't let this dude retire from doing that sh##$$*

  33. alex machado

    RIP to this beat. Att J Cole.

  34. Qwerty_9

    Drake ruined the song

  35. Lance Stuntin

    Who said this ain't heat?!😳 Is that man alright!!!!!?

  36. RickDaRula


  37. Oliver

    "I've been losing friends and finding peace, honestly, that sounds like a fair trade to me" i felt that and i dont even have friends.

  38. endrew endrew

    the music is cool Drake

  39. young guru

    last name of drakes uncle?

  40. young guru

    last name of drakes uncle?

  41. young guru

    last name of drakes uncle?

  42. CreatezFN

    Only thing I'll say is that Roddy Ricch would've been a great accents to this album



  44. Stimulus

    I require the clip! the best song on the album

  45. Shamosa

    Oh God, all your works are for you to enter heaven, Drake, you are as I thought, good and different, I wish happiness, you are the best with my love😭😊❤

  46. soul snatcher

    Drake is so overrated

    1. Neskwik

      Mad cause niggas can put out anything and still make millions while you just watch from the sideline. Mad cuz bad. Donda better tho

  47. Dr. EDIT

    This is masegos sample

  48. Shamosa

    Drake dear🌹✨ I have always loved you and loved your songs and I know now that I adore you madly I knew that you are a pure person and have a sensitive heart and I know that you are fun and all your songs are really wonderful and frankly I wish what you do of charitable work that you do not have a mirage, but that you have intercession and a reason to enter heaven with all my love🌹✨

  49. Sam Puradkar

    3:14 thank me later 😜

  50. eesa

    We need a Drake X Lil Baby album, or even just a mixtape. They are an insane duo

  51. F-CK Joe

    ilproject.info/film/aKeMiJSkqs5o0pY/wyd-w.html FDA FOR FIRING SQUAD

  52. zDonnie


  53. Priyavrat Sharma

    Meri pent bhi hai mass meri shirt bhi hai mass ma ma mass

  54. Dirty Will

    MGTOW - Its not about disrespect, it's about self respect

  55. Jadis Bell

    “My man ain’t gone steal it “ just had to top lil nas okay thug

  56. Феликс Усачёв


  57. lord igloo

    Classic level boy

  58. cittadino staatenlos

    piiiiiiiii wtf is that, hard, wech didine dir wahda haka kho,

  59. Gianluca Mannella

    Cole inmaculated this beat

  60. Trust YouMe

    Cole did this one justice! Imagine a collab, i mean it works.

  61. Toiletbowl

    Drambo 💪

  62. B Boy

    I wonder how much he had to pay "Right Said Fred" for this song.

  63. Brayhan Barrios Morales

    What he said

  64. XAY


  65. Henrijs

    this is why aliens don't visit us anymore

  66. Gah Mister

    O love you #Drake 🔥❤️🇧🇷

  67. jamesbadiola

    i love this hip hop song!


    Cole killed it💀👾

  69. YV23

    This was peak drake change my mind

  70. AGMBB PrettyBoyKen


    1. AGMBB PrettyBoyKen


  71. Raymond Mlundira

    Here after Cole Decimated this beat, He just ended Pipe Down!

  72. Criistto

    How drake flop on his own track😭

  73. VisioNII

    Straight FIRE 🔥

  74. Toshan Motwani

    Mr beast’s plan drake is mrbeast’s brother

  75. Ryan \

    Garbage song

  76. THD

    My ears so fresh with Drake voice 🤗👍👍🎧

  77. Victor Gonzalez


  78. lazar

    Girl: i am lesbian Drake,me: me too

  79. GhostOfSparta

    Chris brown would be good on this I feel like he gave cb the shaft by not putting him on a main album like Chris did truly no friends in the industry