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  1. Angel Pal

    A day late….. at least I’m not 12 years late for a district 9 honest trailer

  2. Joe Wills

    You should do a peaky blinders honest trailers

  3. John Lucas

    Requesting again an HT for "Demolition Man". Illuminate!

  4. Fork B

    I'm glad someone more than me noticed the Team America-thing. It's like they parodied it 7 years before G.I. Joe!

  5. Chamber20

    I'm never watching these, but this was a fun HT.

  6. John Pabon

    Please do SPIRIT UNTAMED.

  7. diplomatsking


  8. Abel Xavier's

    Do spy kids trilogy honest trailers

  9. A Human

    2:10 Imagine if you didn’t know that Industrial Light and Magic worked on the Star Wars movies. It would make the fact that Adam and Grant worked on them weird

  10. Ildikó Szabados

    Sing "You make me feeeeel like / I've been Lokid' out of heaaaaaven..."

  11. Bryan Taylor

    Damn, that smelled so. good.

  12. javiel villa

    Stakes on a plane would have made a better title than Money Plane.

  13. Mako Makongoro

    Kid fight!!!!!!!

  14. A Human

    So this is Spaceballs but Star Trek

  15. A Human

    This was one of my favorite HTs. Almost all the jokes were great

  16. Zillur Rahman

    aai khankir pola ki banas tui!!!!

  17. jabari khanya

    Did you guys actually get Randy Newman?

  18. motleycat

    I really want to see the "Ultimate Edition" of this Honest Trailer again. :v

  19. javiel villa

    Best crossover ever!! Better than the MCU!

  20. Bad Dub

    This movie sucked so bad

  21. 5amurai X

    I cant lie when I was younger that London chase scene was so awesome 😂😂

  22. Anders Nørbæk Madsen

    How dare you disgrace the name unreal tournament!

  23. Marc

    Old Snake Eyes - White New Snake Eyes - Asian Origin story better explain this

  24. jabari khanya

    Get out Frozone!GET OUT!

  25. Aronjune Fajardo

    Hard to imagine 2016 was that long ago

  26. Christian Cherukuri

    Do one for David fincher

  27. Izzat Ismail Nor

    You should probably try to do Honest trailers on Japanese Tokusatsu.

  28. Teatac

    Please say "the tea is hot and so am I"

  29. darkj3di666

    Non-American here. Can someone explain what's racist about those robots?

  30. Ms.gshunw

    The movies are so bad that even Honest Trailers fails.

  31. John Vinson

    KID FIGHT is the best thing to come out of Honest Trailers in a while, lol

  32. Joseph Aliker

    The robots took our job...that south park reference was epic😅😅

  33. DevonnyDX

    No Pepe LePew?? No thanks!

  34. vatsal pandey

    They literally went to space in f9 on a car with steering wheel 😭

  35. Nick Faulkner

    Still good movies.

  36. Dennis Vieira

    I miss the time you actually care to indicate a good movie

  37. Yaruga Tyger

    Instagram filters were a thing in 2014?

  38. Alex Holmes

    Dean Venture?!

  39. Your Favorite Emo Theater Kid

    “At least Suicide Squad looks cool” I am so so sorry

  40. william_c_gabriel

    "Homeless Magneto" 😂 This has to be my favorite "starring" section of any Honest Trailers yet


    I bet you're gonna enjoy doing F9 The Fast and Furious Saga

  42. Orion Roberts

    i actually enjoyed the first one lol even tho it was so bad lol

  43. limyohwan

    missed opportunity for Ramzan Kadyrov jokes re kid fights

  44. Scott Whisenhunt

    You need to do the OG Star Trek films!

  45. galactic85

    Batman beyond honest trailer please.

  46. Jonathan Mwebaze

    Do Loki & dolemite honest trailers together.. wonder how that would work :)

  47. Mando

    Okay, to be fair, Simba's Pride wasn't COMPLETELY bad

  48. Fake Account

    So boring

  49. Micky

    Please say: "Yaaaaagbaaaaaaalls!"

  50. Jack Mitchelles

    Fastchise is awesome no apologies for appreciating fine entertainment

  51. Kanye West Fan

    Petetion for Loki honest trailer 👇

  52. Mossimo Reynolds

    0:45, No, they would just choose another agent. Tom cruise isn’t the only best agent

  53. Harsh Maurya

    Men: waiting for Spidermen cross over Legend : waiting for these two crossover.

  54. vishesh saran

    Ducktales Reboot Please!

  55. Angelo Bruno

    Did y’all do a surf ninja trailer

  56. Matthew

    I saw the add for Snakeyes and thought okay this looks like it will be a good movie. Then in the last 10 sec had a wait what? When it showed to be another GIJoe movie I said nevermind.

  57. Angelo Bruno

    Supposedly the writers rewrote the script a few time during shooting

  58. Javier Roblero

    When are you doing the Rurouni Kenshin live action saga?

  59. Rubaiyat Eshaa

    please say- alkapalakapalakalalapakapala !

  60. Kyle

    Before our time? I thought this channel was for 90s kids?

  61. Andrés Tapia


  62. Megan Parrish

    Gotta admit, some of the casting choices for this movie weren't bad in terms of matching actors with character appearances. Like the woman playing The Baroness was a dead ringer for her. It's such a shame these movies flopped, they really could've been something with a better story, writing, and acting direction. I mean really, when would you ever get another matched cast like that? Stupid Hollywood.

  63. Will C. May

    "JK Rowling won't stop crapping on the floor of her legacy" is more true now than it was then.

  64. Richmond John G. Maglonzo

    Do Loki Series please

  65. siencemove Terra

    A Gotham honest trailer

  66. kartik adhia

    wait. the subscribe button is yellow.

  67. Pan Halt

    Put this comment in your next video even though I'm not requesting any specific movie!

  68. GeekedUp Productions

    Do Percy Jackson!!

  69. Arvin Buenaagua

    needs more kid fight

  70. Pierre Madlangbayan

    Please do Loki next! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  71. Bruce Wang

    Lost member of the Wu Tang clan 😂😂😂😂

  72. Alexis Villahermosa

    Honest trailer for The Phantom with Billy Zane from 1996?

  73. John Anthony

    Please say : "By the Power of Grayskull...I have the Poweeeer!" in He-Man voice

  74. redeyed ronin

    They had to redo the Snake Eyes origin so they could make him not white. It's very important that he not be white. Even though the character has always been white. Yay wokeness.

  75. Forest City Trivia

    Found an old one-legged GI Joe buried in our garden this summer. It still looks better than the CGI in these movies.

  76. Danny Boy

    I have to disagree with this honest trailer I loved the first one and the second had its moments but to each their own

  77. MOE ElNiñio MERCER

    I want " Hod rod "trailer. Don't diss that

  78. Matthew-E Purnell

    the longer the icon of sin is on earth the stronger he will become

  79. Beltandbrush

    Hey can you please do the raid redemption, please and thank you.

  80. Fiona Stirling

    Children fighting? I can sell this!