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  1. Merve Kaya

    Türkiye’den selamlar 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 🇦🇿 🇦🇿 🇦🇿

  2. saabaemr


  3. Ivica Ivanec



    Still love watching these today, best live streams you done so far!

  5. Адриана ._.


  6. Владимир М

    Вааа какой он кайфовый😯

  7. Анастасия Васильева

    Я сижу а английском мой гудок

  8. avakin chmo

    0:28 ручкой ать

  9. Артём Мишин

    та приседаешь в зале, чтоб все опупевали))

  10. ThatOneGenius


  11. Maria Garcia

    The fact that we can barely see Ethan in this is heartbreaking.

  12. aleesya syuhada

    he's so pretty how even

  13. Jime g

    just... WOW

  14. Sask ia


  15. 7E


  16. громкая реклама

    Аааааааааааааа обожаю

  17. Nur Amalia M

    New fav band unlocked


    Look at Chris calculating the results lol

  19. Gerhard Kuck


  20. liv

    1:02 you better not ever do that again

  21. Алина Теплова

    Я влюбилась, спасибо

  22. Evan Bic

    18:05 😒😂😶

  23. bahar x

    burda türk var mı xd

  24. Zdravkula Gljiva

    +++ sotone

  25. Gianni N.

    The major pharmaceutical companies have heard the overwhelming cries from all around the globe about the lightning-fast spreading of MiOS (Måneskin-induced-obsession-syndrome) and are now very busy while using the huge profits from covid-vaccines developing vaccines against the epidemic viral infection of MiOS ...

  26. Anny Schwartz

    Моя ✨sex energy✨ повышается с каждым прослушиванием

  27. It’s ya boi Max

    Ethan has beautiful hair!y bi ass has a crush on every one of them. There English is so good tbh

  28. Ekaterina :3

    Никто: Дамиано: смотрит на камеру и "ммм аха"

  29. Johanna Dietz

    I really love her voice in a lower range

  30. Manu J

    They’re just having fun at this point, and I absolutely love it!

  31. Tyffen Mary 974

    J'adore ! 🥰

  32. irondasgr

    I voted that night for Marcin from Greece.

  33. Mei Lin

    ชอบทุกอย่างของวงนี้ Rock n Roll ยังไม่ตายเว้ย ดนตรีคือภาษาสากล ไม่เข้าใจแต่ก็รู้สึกได้ หวังว่าในไทยจะมีคนชอบมากขึ้นนะ/ From Thailand, love you all.

  34. Emina Brestovac

    That dummer is hot AF

  35. Simge Aras

    Peki ya bunlarla aynı yaşta olup bu kadar banal bir hayat yaşamak...

  36. Katarina Pelivanovic

    He got something in his whole body and I don't know what exactly...😵😵😵i just know I can't push out this out of my mind for days...and i even don't know italian or watch is little song would say...sooo❤️❤️❤️

  37. sharon Samson

    Anyone else skip forward to maneskin?!

  38. Lily Dubik

    1:02 I love the song and im obsessed but seriously i cant✋

  39. koзлёнok Aля

    сначала не понравилось его выступление, но потом заразились наверно не понравилась потому что не внимательно слушала

  40. Alexa Osborne

    1:02 ~ *why was the moan literally so hot...*

  41. Anil Mustaffa


  42. debosmita


  43. Мария Курносова

    Я одна вижу отсылку на Лермонтова в моменте "я демон ищущий искупление"?

  44. Gizem

    can't stop watching this.

  45. Eliz B.

    Me like: OMG Vicky!

  46. Sofiia Miroshnychenko

    1:02 oaaoaooaoaoaoa

  47. Caroline Notten

    Damiabo shi so cute

  48. Caroline Notten

    This so cool I love månaskin Shi so good

  49. Elisaveta Milaeva

    Being that hot should be illegal.

  50. Maria Coiana

    ciao ragazzi grazie mille 🙋🎸🇮🇹😘🥰👍

  51. Stacey

    Я знаю что все пришли за этим 1:02

  52. Nishtha Verma

    and now i wanna learn italian

  53. Aidy A


  54. Даша Фёдорова


  55. Ąłıŋa ęðıŧş

    Девочка я вкрашилась....

  56. Ajlan Hasanovic

    Jesam li jedini balkanac ovde?

  57. Sancia George


  58. Judi 20yolo

    For some reason I'm waiting for a vampire to show up 🤣 after waking up by his voice .

  59. Selma Selma


  60. Marija Mijatov


  61. Beyza Cankurtaran

    "Parla" means "shine" in Turkish and they are glowing

  62. NAYA Sounds

    This song is such a vibe

  63. ayuna tyan

    1:02 oh god...

  64. lukas

    what is happening to this today put more makeup than women

    1. L' ANNALISA

      @lukas and David Bowie

    2. yesmqwitte ·ᴗ·

      Thats a great thing

    3. lukas

      @L' ANNALISA and?

    4. L' ANNALISA

      Remember the Egyptians?

  65. Toonafish

    Back again for my daily dose of mäneskin

  66. Chloe orbell

    Second song gives me major Palaye Royale vibes

  67. Dasha Groshikova

    Блин, это ахеренено...

  68. Mael Williams

    giving me the YungBlud vibes

  69. ItsMeGhash

    6:22 That became true

  70. Super Lady

    01:03 um..... i just went to Italy imma be back soon

  71. Kitap Gözlemcisi

    oh my god

  72. Léa Mechin

    Can't explain why but he gives me Kurt Cobain vibes 🤔

  73. Someone

    I've watched this way too many times and I don't know how to stop 😭

    1. Marianne Olsen

      No need to stop, just continue😁

  74. xy dak

    думаю, если бы не Евровидение, про них никто бы не узнал толком

  75. Angam Panmei


  76. noob philosopher

    Holy fk. This one's really good!!!!