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  1. AceGod7

    Wait till they start causing issues.

  2. David Reynolds

    So now we know where to send all the immigrants that are constantly flooding it, where they'll be taken in...fed, clothed, housed and loved.

  3. a someone

    Cod warzone irl

  4. Shaun Maxwell


  5. Katy Rakety

    Brexit saved London,otherwise it would be a chaotic jungle. My opinion.

  6. Mikail ABDAL-JAMIIL

    Wars consist of armies against armies, not armies against civilians.

  7. Ramming Speed

    So this is why I pay 21% tax ?

  8. James McNulty

    A lot of boat people

  9. Ramming Speed

    Aye..who PAYS for the refugees?.. I guess they dont occupy living accommodation and dont consume resources?

  10. Daviyion Johnson


  11. Esma Dechir

    Free Palestine

  12. Akos Hegyi

    Omg 😱

  13. Paul Allen

    Well done Glasgow

  14. mark baughman

    Liz Cheney is only known because she voted to impeach Trump twice. She's a RINO. We will see what the voters say about her next time.

  15. VagrantArtGaming

    It is now time for Scotish culture to go 😂

  16. Paul Booth

    Which sources told the Guardian, and were they right?

  17. Fenris Wolf

    Idiocracy at its finest.. To much Buckfast !!

  18. Michael Rannigan

    Viva La Yemen Woe to the downpresser theyll eat the Bread of Sorrow

  19. Honey Badger

    Vote yes🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  20. W. Langman creates

    Well done Glasgow. Glad you guys haven't given into the cancer that is the right spreading their hatred❤️❤️❤️

  21. boab boab

    England is regressing as a society, Scotland isn’t, we must go independent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    1. Stephengrimes1972

      Independent (but under the control of the EU empire 😂🤣🤣).

    2. dyez mordz


  22. mike

    Make sure they are paying taxes though yeh.

  23. Sniff Back Better

    Turkeys overjoyed about Christmas

  24. Jeremy Szczepanski

    Leave it up to a British rag to give every such story an oversimplified anti-Israel slant. Let's ignore the hundreds of rockets raining down on innocent Israelis right now each day, courtesy of the Palestinians. I have friends whose children sleep in bomb shelters every night because of this, but please, by all means, continue with your selective outrage.

  25. Axe King


  26. Alan DuaBelas


  27. JENNY רוח הקודש‎ ruach ha-kodesh ZARBO

    The UN Is Garbage!!!

  28. Simon W

    Once Scotland gets independence and illegal immigration becomes their problem to deal with, they'll change their tune.

  29. evil doers

    The Democrats invoked the attack on the capitol

  30. Ian Holland

    give it 20 years, Let’s see where you are then rivers of blood 🩸

  31. M Bh

    Only brave and proud national can do this ,cowards from internet say something

    1. mike

      No cowards blame others for their own wrong doi g

  32. Jonny Lumberjack

    Tears in my eyes, I'm so proud. Well done Glesca, you did it right.

    1. Feeling Good

      You do realise this person has a criminal record ?

    2. Feeling Good

      Why ?

    3. Susan Gordon


  33. Avi Kumar

    Nice job Israel army do hard.

  34. Plant Man


  35. European union

    Nobody come out for protest against Israel terrorist country😢

  36. Mum Zeeshan

    Omg how he doing that?

  37. MrStark

    They'll get bored and return home at some point, they always do

  38. udaynath dash

    I support Israel

  39. Teflon

    bit of an embarrassing show, Big Touchy Alec, aye? 🇬🇧

  40. 18Rxx Bx

    I love how they didn't show the reason why they were throwing rocks at him. They cuted it just in time.

  41. leftys leftys

    Israel shoud demolishe al aksha temple and get rid of hamas once and for all

  42. Oguz L

    The baby killer is Israel.

  43. Gamma Rat

    If you wear a mask the last thing you stand for is freedom

  44. Re B

    what a bunch of non binary weirdos lol

  45. Leo Sun

    emm so the law is fuked up now eh?

  46. Re B

    how cringe lol

  47. Bhodisatvas

    So that has set lockdown relaxing back a few weeks then...thanks for that.

    1. mike

      @Reaper you mean riots. Get it right

    2. Tickling Oscillators

      @Dragonslayer McReedy Safety of the innocent as decided by you? What happened to due process, laws and safety? Didn't a released migrant stab a bunch of people in Glasgow like 2 months ago? Maybe the rest of us want to get back to work and have an economy that's showing signs of life.

    3. Reaper

      Did the BLM and Extinction Rebellion marches and exhibitions set back lockdown easing? No, it didn’t, in fact the NHS and Media praised the people even though they barely wore masks and social distanced. But have an anti-lockdown protest and “you’re killing grandma”. 🙄

    4. Dragonslayer McReedy

      I would take another year of lockdown to protect the safety of the innocent, if you wouldn't mate you need your head looking at.

  48. Falco 666

    Don’t worry if sturgeon gets her wish you will have plenty of immigrants, be careful what you wish for , ! 😉

    1. Yennefer de Vengerberg

      Thanks for making Sturgeon sound cool.

    2. Stephengrimes1972

      All welfare tourists,coming for the free housing,money,healthcare etc.

    3. Jonny Lumberjack

      That is what we wish for, that's partly why we vote for her party. Really, I would have thought that was obvious.

    4. somthingbrutal

      you mean people with the drive to cross continents yeah don't want people like that as citizens

  49. Chris Gormley

    Proud 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  50. FreeQwensea

    Love you Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Oceana Sengupta

    Please stop war and make world a better place to live in. We are already suffering with covid because of our Karma... No more violence please 🙏 My heart goes for the kids n innocent people from both places.

  52. Ebbe B

    Glaswegians stand up for their neighbours <3

    1. W. Langman creates

      @Byblis Persephone 2.0 and you are completely heartless

    2. W. Langman creates

      Well done Glasgow. England lost it's way. Glad Scotland hasn't❤️

    3. Byblis Persephone 2.0

      You are completely brainless

  53. E Clarke

    Shame they did not have the backbone to drag that evil imp to jail all gb uk parties must be jailed before its to late

    1. Tickling Oscillators

      Aaah, the tolerant left! You disagree with me, therefore you must lose your freedom- simply lovely.

  54. Daniel Lambert

    I'm a regular Guardian reader, but even I would say it's political correctness gone, if not quite mad, slightly erratic, if each time a representative of a minority group does an overt display relevant to their own culture, the liberal press defends their right to do it, irrespective of the context.

  55. Muhammad Anwar

    This is unity !!! Amazing, very proud of you Glasgow, once we show that we all care for each other, only then a nation is strong!!!!

  56. pInGu1337

    And what do we learn kids? If you are loud and aggressiv, the laws don‘t apply to you.

    1. W. Langman creates

      You are ignorant, they were sitting in the street chanting. Go spread your poison elsewhere

    2. Danny Oakenfold

      Who was being "aggressiv (sic)"?

    3. Lawrence Linskey

      Can I ask what’s happened in this particular case anyways? Why are they (I presume) being deported?

    4. Ebbe B

      the laws are unjust and cruel

  57. Andi De Vrede

    British gov: "We are going to deport people". Glaswegians: "Naw mate"

  58. Bailey


  59. Incometax Abhishek mandal


  60. Moebius

    I like the gesture the Maouri woman gave at the end to the speaker ... have no idea what it means but I like.

  61. brizee

    Please give the Scots there independence and get that wall built

    1. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

      As a Scot who doesn't want independence ,no. We created the Union not you so if you want us to end the Union then fine, go look up King James VI. Just proves I'm more British than you!

    2. Jonny Lumberjack

      THEIR independence, you ignorant erse. I know you mean this as an insult, but as it distinguishes us from you, I'm all for it.

  62. Ronald Shea

    Enforced multiculturalism, what a complete disaster for the UK.

    1. Jonny Lumberjack

      no, the public was standing up for multiculturalism. keep up, ffs.

    2. somthingbrutal

      as that was started by their neighbours not not really lol

  63. Catota Catota

    And remember be kind with each other😂😂😂😂👎🏻👎🏻HYPOCRITE

  64. Jeremy Lawrence

    It’s past time Scotland was set adrift!

    1. Jonny Lumberjack

      yes please. England will come crawling to an indy Scotland, in time, bring it on :)

    2. Ebbe B

      we'd love to!


    AOC is a Socialist and the US hates Commies!

  66. Vision Lightlab

    4 years of relative peace in the middle east. Guessed this already, but does not make it easier to take. Bring back our leader

  67. I was Here

    Israel will again trying to occupie palestine lands

  68. Ratan kumar


  69. rockysikander

    Long live Israel. Full Support From India🇮🇳

  70. Syd Floyd

    If you jocks want more immigrants you can have as many as you like from England

    1. W. Langman creates

      Casual racism dropped into a conversation like it's nothing. The right is like a cancer. And we are the scalpel that cuts it out. Go Glasgow, made me proud❤️❤️❤️

    2. Ebbe B

      cool no problem

  71. Dannysince1985

    Thought you knew better Scotland.......

    1. somthingbrutal

      we do thats why we were on the street

    2. Ebbe B

      you're all wrong, this is what makes glasgow great

  72. Hugh Oxford

    Nice to have been given the day off on a Thursday to come and protest. Oh that’s right; when you are a media studies student you don’t have your wages undercut by illegal immigration and you have time to come out and bat for the corporations.

    1. Danny Oakenfold

      wages undercut by illegal immigration . lol. You just made that up, didn't you?

  73. Nitish Bhardwaj

    India stand with our best friend always

  74. self belief

    اللهم إنا نستودعك المسجد الأقصى المبارك

  75. Mr S MG

    Police state

  76. United_Kingdom

    British 🇬🇧

  77. Daniel Kwon


  78. Arianna Correa

    Praying from a person from puerto rico I hope the Colombians gain what they need later on </3

  79. Yara Joan

    Why does the white dude have flowers around his neck? Is he walking dead 🥲🧐🧐