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  1. Nub Slayer

    Finally a vegeta vs shadow video thats ACCURATE!

  2. nskat0

    Rematch with double jumps, dashes, a blood punch and doom guy would destroy him

  3. MalavarTCOne

    Homelander vs Omni-man next please 🥺

  4. skarin gamer

    Have to disagree with this one but still enjoyed it

  5. MalavarTCOne

    Homelander VS Omni-Man???

  6. Mitchell Murray

    To all my fellow "Kung Fu Panda" fans out there... IF Po loses, let's try and refrain from adding any unneeded salt. As someone who has a great fondness for the film/character, I want to see a cool fight more than anything else, so whoever wins is pretty much secondary to me.

  7. Arthur Burton Morgan

    Batman: *kills ironman* Captain America: *I've cried all day*

  8. adam bump

    Ok so correction Po wasn't born in the Valley of Peace he was born in the Panda Village outside of Gongman City.

  9. EmptyLanternMedia

    Damn 8 years ago

  10. Sungura Kaiser

    Sephiroth: I'm going to say the N word... Cloud: Don't... Sephiroth: Nibelheim... Cloud: 😡

  11. nejko kitarist

    i don't care who wins both are insane characters

  12. Kenneth Rivera

    Awesome lol Love your channel. You guys should do teams next like team supernatural vs team Ghostbusters or supernatural vs team buffy vampire slayer

  13. Human Haker9

    Hello skedadudlers

  14. nejko kitarist

    you can tell the winner befor the video bcus mikasa and levi aren't really that strong and fast. i'm fan of AOT. but they are just human not super human

  15. Justin Risom

    Vergil should have won, and could of just diced up his opponent

  16. Chevante Bell

    Why keep making one sided fights and playing with our emotions.

  17. nejko kitarist

    saitama wouldn't punch him first

  18. lTomiel

    Street fighter.?

  19. nejko kitarist

    maaaah none of heros or vilians couldn't beat shaggy at 2% of his power

  20. Jerry Hart

    I loved all the actors who played joker but can we agree Mr ledger was probably the best

  21. Andrew Jarrett

    Genuinely funniest episode y'all have ever done

  22. Shabo Bloinks

    But you guys said yourself the penance stare doesn’t work on people who like the pain,Lobo definitely likes it though

    1. Justin Alicea

      No, he doesn't. He enjoys combat, but he does not enjoy being tortured, hence why when Hell did that to him, he gave a formal complaint to the entire dimension.

  23. TheCreepypro

    as a fat kid who grew up watching kung fu movies and idolizing the heroes I heavily identify with Po I hope my boy wins or at least puts up a good fight

  24. Cobalt Prime

    The real fight would literally be 1 punch. I like Superman, but no one can survive a Saitama punch.

  25. Michael Garcia

    15:24 is where the battle should have ended. Carnage would’ve left that but of him inside Lucy and made it come out of her brain or something! Also you guys didn’t include a feat of Carnage surviving a attack greater than anything Lucy had ever done but didn’t include but gave Lucy island levels of power when she’s only ever done anything island level with an outlier! Also Carnage is way way faster than whatever you calculated for his speed. Oh yeah and Lucy can only make 28 vectors when she’s going full power! Carnage should have literally stomped her!

  26. Theo BigMac

    omni man vs superman please

  27. THEGHOST2121ツ

    what even was this video?

  28. Maryland Man

    Gohan vs Superboy (DBZ vs DC) Dio Brando vs Alucard (JoJo vs Hellsing) Raven vs Scarlet Witch (DC vs Marvel) Giorno Giovanna vs Joker (JoJo vs Persona) Nero vs Hellboy (Devil May Cry vs Hellboy) Noctis Lucis Caelum vs 2B (FFXV vs Nier Automata) Garou vs Akuma (One Punch Man vs Street Fighter) Madara Uchiha vs Sōsuke Aizen (Naruto Shippuden vs Bleach)

  29. Cj Kalandek

    Insincere asshats. 18 CANNOT absorb energy in the Manga or Anime. I'm not really a fan of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, but this just feels like you intentionally rigged it so that 18 won.

  30. Blood Moon Comix

    I don't think the Pokemon universe has any creatures that can withstand planet-busting attacks.....🤔😏😬

  31. himiko toga simp

    Why does bucky sound like shikamaru

  32. Ngalo Mlotana

    You are dumb

    1. Sum Guy

      No they aren’t but you are

    2. Thomas

      _Insulting a channel is the easiest way to do it but it's difficult to bring proof on why Goku beats Superman._

    3. Rolkendy Verty

      yes you are dumb

  33. Nightshade Darkfire

    normaly i dont get this exited about death battle but thats my boy in there XD

  34. Leran_day

    Next can you do lucy heartfilia please I beg

  35. Blood Moon Comix

    Predictable but enjoyable!😄👍

  36. Daniel Cenci

    I'm like more ripsaw then castle crusher

  37. Ngalo Mlotana

    You are dumb

  38. Jeffrey Diaz

    Shifu vs Splinter

  39. Gunchap Red

    First he beats Gamera in this fight, now he beats... [Spoilers] . . . . . . . He beats Kong in the movies. He truly is the king of the monsters now.

  40. Imaginternet Gaming

    I have a feeling Po wins this because of his defenses

  41. Ngalo Mlotana

    You are all so dumb sonic can beat Mario easy

    1. Bowser Jr.

      Explain why before spurting out bs

    2. Darnell Nathaniel

      Nah mario would beat sonic

  42. Michael Garner

    How could po beat iron fist?

    1. Kabuto 07

      You'll see

  43. Tina Toranzo

    is this a joke iron fist and po this is so stupid....


      Classic “I don’t know I’ll still say this or that without going deeper” behavior.

  44. Cole's Factory of R word

    Guts vs Gerald of Rivia

  45. AJ Matthews

    After this it should be Asura vs. Shalk

  46. Timestamp Timmy

    You guys should put some champions from league of legends into battle :)

  47. The Guy Stealing Your Internet

    I was today years old when I learned Po had a full name

  48. Stephen Lucas

    Kazuya: I want your dad to kill my dad. Rock: Same.

  49. Shadow The Hedgehog

    Could you guys do Superman versus whis or Superman versus beerus

  50. Doarta

    Next battle: Shrek vs Shaggy

  51. Blue Aura

    Man, hearing Uncontrollable from Xenoblade Chronicles X when Agumon warp digivolves is just, whoooo, works so well

    1. Zim Verse


  52. nightdragon669

    joslin the intern comes back and kidnaps wiz and boom shoot for there death battle with special guest deadpool,pinky pie,mask

  53. gusty1217

    Is it sad that Goku cannot make up his own technique (canonically) but Krillin can?

    1. Sabaiba ikari

      @gusty1217 I have no idea. Huge waste to not use again because it just looks so awesome and symbolizes his saiyan nature. Yeah but that could sort of be said for the dragon fist.

    2. gusty1217

      @Sabaiba ikari I guess but why didn’t he use it again? It must’ve just been a punch for 15 year old Goku.

    3. Sabaiba ikari

      Mmmmm what about the oozaru fist? The technique he used againts king piccolo but never really showed again.

  54. Jerry Hart

    What that stupid boy ass clown? Vegeta had me so weak.. watching abridged after

  55. Shank Pain

    Ad ends at 35 seconds

  56. Jared Coble

    Who love to see Elsa from frozen agents someone like sub zero or something.

  57. Dry Bones kisses and bites Bowser and the Minions

    HELL YEAH BI RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!

  58. Eshaundavis Davis

    I wonder what would happen if we made all the Pokémon fight all the jibanyan clones🤔

    1. Zim Verse

      Considering Shogun King, Last Shogun King And Enmanyan Exists.. It's A Close One.

  59. The Universal Union


  60. Maciej Skorżepo

    Omni man vs Vegeta please

  61. The Universal Union

    If Po wins he should say ( Looks like your Fists where not hard after all what IRON-ny ).

  62. cliff abbey

    Galaxia: (destroy Earth and Beerus ice cream) Beerus: Excuse you and your entire race ?!

  63. Mayank Bhaskar

    uk given the superman u used , he appears to be from injustice so this is oddly accurate, although any relevant version would slap saitama

  64. Shaden Choi

    How Shadow got all of the Chaos Emeralds, I'm not really going to ask because their what saved him.

  65. The Devils Flex

    Should’ve did Levi vs her

  66. PG3D gaming

    Gray could turn ice into anything and he still loss i see why people watch akame ga kill because people like esdeath are very strong like akame and tatsumi

  67. Teeleer

    so i dont think Xiao is part of Po's name. It depends on the character but i think its just a general term used for young ones because it means small

  68. PG3D gaming

    Mob was so close to win we already know he have a lot of energy in him to fight but i guess he just lost power because yall already know when he gets to 100% its over for anybody but except for tatsumaki because with all that telekinesis power she got powerful


    they should remake this in 2021 just because Godzilla has changed a lot

  70. makrozz

    This is so. Cap dios tw would have deflected all those knifes plus she can’t even see or touch tw so how did she cut its arm off she’s not a stand user plus r they forgetting how jotaro punch a hole into dios head and she just damage him with her normal attacks tw should be capable of doing that also and dio does not need to say za wardo to stop time he can stop time without saying it it was shown when dio stand was getting tested he stopped time before the metal pellets could touch him and he didn’t say za wardo also jotaro stop time without saying. Za wardo at the end of the roll roller part plus dio got his vampire powers that should be more then enough to kill a human like her so this is cap

    1. Igot- BR

      Just because Sakuya is a human that doesn't mean DIO can injure or is automatically more powerful than her, not every human on fiction is a weak as the ones in JoJo. Also wtf is a "roll roller"?

    2. Nefi Barreto

      ''tw would have deflected all those knifes'' those are more powerfull than The World's durability and power capacity (star level). ''she can’t even see or touch tw so how did she cut its arm off she’s not a stand user'' Sakuya can interact with spirits since stands got affected by spiritual beings such as the Alley Hand or the Greek Gods, Sakuya fighted those type of spirits before. ''how jotaro punch a hole into dios head and she just damage him with her normal attacks tw should be capable of doing that'' only if DIO was above Town level could do that. ''dio does not need to say za wardo to stop time he can stop time without saying it'' unnecesary to say that since he can still be canceled and Sakuya is inmune to time stop (also that she can do the same). ''dio got his vampire powers'' DIO in part 3 only has blood suck and fleshbuds because of the body change, but those are useless since Sakuya has a way more durable skin than the whole cast of part 3.

  71. makrozz

    Hol up she can’t see or damage tw so how did she cut his arm off

  72. John Malivore

    Hay death battle Omni man vs Superman

  73. Aadil M

    How the death battle will end : po skadooshes the iron fist

  74. oopsy444

    wtf I don't come here to be even more depressed. Saddest origin story (STFU bruce no one likes rich people)

  75. Hi

    I would love it if Iron Fist went for a huge punch but was bounced high into the air by Po’s belly.

  76. Jpug

    You should do Omni man vs all might