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  1. Sam Fitt

    His body almost looks like Arnolds.

  2. Stooch

    either a deep fake, or disgusting use of roids

  3. Seagle

    haters will say its photoshop

  4. John Niles

    I just can't wait till this movie actually comes out. X'D

  5. Anthony Davisyo

    Do you guys know who's that body is?

  6. Davis Designs

    Is this movie still coming out? 😂

  7. Ismael Just ice

    Well I read comments and they are all about how people love Ryan Reynolds. Well Fuck you Ryan. There you have it.

  8. Brandon Winter

    wait does anyone know if this is a deepfake of a bodybuilder impersonating ryan or if its ryans face put onto the bodybuilders face?

  9. Jan Smets

    Is this real?

  10. Artemis gr

    Looks so gay 🤣

  11. DeusWulf

    A little too much CG going on the face, track is floaty.

  12. Old Man

    Rick Moranis - The Only REAL Man in Hollywood. Good guy to stand beside Ryan :)

  13. Harley 2die4

    0.11 GROSS

  14. cody tucker

    Why wasn’t the car that hit him the taxi driver from deadpool

  15. Warren Raven

    Green Lantern special effects again with Ryan's face on body. Thought he learned from 2011. I heard Covid does affect gray brain matter.

  16. Melanie Willey

    is this legit

  17. Tamar00

    Why does he look like Dave England from Jackass? Seriously.

  18. MMA Life

    Thank God he stopped juicing now he looks natural

  19. charles joshi

    Yoo stop that 😂😂😂

  20. Luke Meloche

    is that Johns Cenas body? ;p;

  21. Rodolfo R Justiniano

    the trick is two raw eggs and a bunch of aviation gin, got it

  22. No1buzznut123

    Are you overpaid for just getting up on stage and saying a couple of words the answer Dairies yes are you celebrities don't deserve as much money as you got after all you're not at there any f****** army films fighting for your country and dying for your country that money with long stem not you mostly you celebrities you're worth about 150000 Max

  23. Tanbir Sohail

    I hope you understand that it is a parody made via faceswap

  24. Jeff Myers

    lets hope he is not another woke celebrity , or is it too late?

  25. Md Ashiqur Rahman

    that looks like a proper use of deepfakes :v

  26. Kenneth Becker

    In case someone is looking for the original song: Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love :)

  27. Gabriel Mendoza

    This is a completely shit and you kow it

  28. tasnim munir

    Bangchan didnt lie when he said *free guy* is the best

  29. William Gaule

    Just when I thought I couldn't hate him more!

  30. HamesJarden

    "Dude" shouldve been Lochlyn Monro

  31. Cortnie Walker

    the child was born full grown... and wearing shoes.

  32. dirtbagzrus

    Watched the Family Guy episode with Ryan Reynolds last night 🤣🤣🤣

  33. AZRY 93

    someone just used a cheat code

  34. Jonathan M.

    I had no interest in seeing this movie, but now I must. It is stirring up feelings inside I never knew I had

  35. Enrique Miranda

    Oh my god, his voice does not fit his body what so ever.

  36. Holden Caulfield

    Welp. Ryan has finally been in something with worse special effects than Green Lantern.

  37. バントンデOwen

    Free guys shaping up to be a bomb of a movie

  38. BerryVR

    this man be having too much fun xD

  39. James Silver

    Birllllllll, Bora hora do Show porra.

  40. facet_w_kolejce po_wode_którego_suszy

    I remember time when many people sad that he is terrible actor from romantic comedys. After Deadpoll they suddenly started to love him. Its funny.

  41. patricia roy

    Ryan Reynolds humour is just so..so...Canadian .

  42. da Jaguar

    Man someone ate Ryan ffs.

  43. GamsterFails

    Creepy ❄️

  44. S Singh

    This not the deepfake nobody asked for but we are so glad exists!

  45. B. McAllister

    Ryan Reynroids.

  46. FlamingBridges

    Deepfake is doing Reynolds good

  47. Sebastian Arciszewski

    isnt it faceswap made?

  48. Jokin Jake

    Cursed cursed cursed omg my eyes! I cant stop looking

  49. Yu Wish

    Dude... lol all righty then.

  50. Shelton Norris

    Did they deep fake Ryan's face onto The Rock ? Cause that's what it looks like

  51. Lee Van Cleef

    Another dumb Reynolds movie.

  52. Domen Kristan

    Ryan Reynolds head on a Mike O'Hearn's body😂😂

  53. Hillbilly Samurai

    I'm scared

  54. Jon Las

    Lol, seven days HGH! Ryan is the man!

  55. Rap Factor

    looks so fake just like his teeth

  56. Lilbaz

    They do realise that owning a football club is the fastest way for a rich person to become poor? This isn't american sport with a draft and no relegation. You will be up against 23 degenerate gamblers throwing their money around in order to get promoted and try to reach the premier league. Hardly any succede. Good luck.

  57. Jack Fusire


  58. Moisés Freire

    Forget Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is getting ready to play a non CGi Hulk now.

  59. Daniel Ding

    just realized that this means that the final battle is going to be between "dude" and "guy"

  60. cary billey

    Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian treasure. We love you Ryan. Lmao

    1. cary billey

      Even more than Celine or Glass Tiger or Rush.

  61. Ronnie V beelen

    Love this Guy😂

  62. J S

    The space between the gums, teeth and smile is what reels you in. :)

  63. Josh Coquat

    Looks like Mike O’Hearns body…

  64. A J

    So who is the actual actor? They just deepfaked Ryan over some bodybuilder, and not very convincingly, I might add.

  65. Jonathon Carroll

    Love from the prairies my dude!

  66. Lucas Hoffmann

    this objetification of man's body has to stop. #stopbeefcake

  67. John-The-Cook Ck

    Uncanny Valley Alert:

  68. Paul humphreys

    he is so in love with himself what a muppet



  70. Christopher J

    The fucking painted Smole. So very smole shirt!

  71. Your Fan


  72. David Hutchins

    Shut up and take my money!

  73. Browne Hawk

    Still waiting for Ryan Reynolds to play Ryan Reynolds in the movie Ryan Reynolds.

  74. Nnanna Kalu


  75. LukiePai

    did he actually work out for that or is it like a suit or cgi

  76. Tomtalker2000

    CGI folks no way this is Ryan's real body.

  77. swingerhead

    Same software used to remove the moustache from Henry Cavill