Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.

I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.

Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!

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  1. Stormtrooper

    can't wait for him to do 3000 days and just die of fall damage because one one zombie hitting him

  2. Mohammed Adam


  3. lAsEr- hybird

    Now it's been terrible for 365 days

  4. gamer boy

    100 days, Redstone 2000 days emerald

  5. Cermit Da fog

    1:04:38 1st try baby

  6. Yoonseong Do

    U know that uuh.. nether highways exist?

  7. Mythic Strike

    Hi guys

  8. Maeve Marston

    Yes why are the commandments new but omg I have been watching this for like 2 hours!

  9. Cheesy Nuggets

    Anyone else want to go see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz? Im sorry I just had to, Luke is literally building an emerald city

  10. playwars

    Please take this to a thousand days, although I'd appreciate to have 200 and 300 beforehand. It's very cool, especially as you try to work around the limitations of the superflat world.

    1. dat1guy


  11. Cheesy Nuggets

    Getting some Wizard of Oz type vibes from this video

  12. Mahmoud Elshehawy

    SUPER FLAT 3,000,000 DAYS

  13. LIM JUN YI student

    and thats how i got my first tattoo

  14. Marcus 17k

    Imagine dying on day 99

  15. Bojidar Aleksandrov


  16. kay morgan

    pls do 200 days i love you and the tors

  17. Why? Chese

    Chese good

  18. JackalDude

    In 3000 Days Make A Netherite Beacon. And If You Are, Blast Furnaces Smelt Ancient Debris Faster. And Make A Wither Totem. And Make A Zoo For Every Animal In Minecraft.

  19. Cater RBX

    Please make 200 days😪

  20. Dylan Finucane

    20 years from now, I will show my son this.

  21. Brad Fowler

    Anyone else just watched 2000 days and wanted to see how he started

  22. Balpreet Matta

    C2 S5 bruh

  23. Laurie M

    i dont know if i want 3000 days or superflat 200

    1. Laurie M

      @Axzorix Ye

    2. Axzorix

      He could release both, probably the superflat video before though becuase hes waiting for caves and cliffs to be fully released before doing 3000 days

  24. Meme World

    Kids waiting for 3000 days Legends waiting for 200 days with tors

  25. Betsy Whitcomb

    By legal definition you are a pro

  26. Atte Liimatainen

    Some day he has like house made from netherite

  27. Arwen Meurer


  28. ktmpct

    There’s like 160 thousand comments

    1. Stites Hamner


  29. GWB Art

    10:33 the combat sounds like a pump

  30. idksom

    quick thingy: dont use respawn anchors in the overworld

  31. Narutofan2020


  32. damian games

    100 days in minecraft poket edition

    1. Classical Sheet Music

      eh idk, it would just be the same except on phone

  33. Gabriel TelesBecil

    He is basicaly Let's game it out but only play's minecraft

  34. Hjalte

    Minecraft: Denmark Edition

  35. Obbyjak YT

    Loosing Hope For 200 Days With Tors

  36. Silas Trowbridge

    I wonder if ever thought that he would ever get as far as 2000 days

  37. polandnoob

    why are the comments set to new?

    1. Fotballgutt5 Gaming


  38. Tianity

    why don't u make infinite water resources?

  39. Sebastian Playz

    Luke: Brutus is dumb Me: okay. Also Luke:just like ur mom. Me: 😠👿👹

  40. Tanner Forman

    why is tors to like... how do I put this. cringey

  41. noah jacobs

    The resolute david conceptually pour because snail sequentially raise than a marked crow. pretty, apathetic war

  42. It's Me Sbc

    You have a Popularmmos And GamingWithJen building style, and it brings nostalgia

  43. Aryanpro123 Longman


  44. 3ndless

    what i searched: how to beat the ender dragon without dying\ what i got: How To Kill The Ender Dragon: The Notable Way me after watching this: ima watch 100 days now

  45. AlexCartoons

    1:00:45 “Weeeeeeeee!”

    1. diamond man 494


  46. HydraOn60FPS

    This was amazing keep up good work bro ❤️

  47. Maksim Poposki

    its so weird to watch u play normal minecraft

  48. igrokman27

    So glad I found this yt channel

  49. Floppy Cactus

    Idea: I survive 100 days on hypixel

  50. Dylan Bishop

    the haunted mansion

  51. RazorPantherz

    Did... did... did Luke TheNotable just say.... POG!?!!?!?

  52. Ian Murdoch

    19:25 ah yes, brew your diamond sword

  53. Rosie Margaret Bellamy

    Pls make a part 2 !

  54. Tobias Kalzendorf

    Every 100 Days hardcore you make a Wall by your base

  55. Yey M8

    Part 2

  56. Love Huynh

    That skeleton must be a vitamin d juggernaut.

  57. Yank Espinal

    The exultant slipper behaviorally bleach because kohlrabi spectacularly found worth a equal tights. volatile, bite-sized golf

  58. Arnav Kalash

    200 days vid

  59. Jaydenplayz

    Wow you almost died

    1. Jennifer Keller

      yeah he did

  60. Jaydenplayz

    Wow your rich

    1. Aiden Walter


    2. Jennifer Keller

      super rich

  61. Kamil Dziuba

    1:14:40 oh my god 😂😂😂

  62. PeterTrusty

    can't wait for part 2!!!!

  63. abu melak

    Like me



  65. master rat

    A haircut

  66. Hailbeet Gaming

    I know this is late but congrats and good luck (with the baby)

  67. Jesus Flores

    𝕚 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕥 2!

  68. Ali Khalil

    What a noatable video!

  69. Patty Flores

    Make a mob farm

  70. Femme Funtime

    1000 days of superflat plz

  71. seanwhayne diaz

    Ur so good at playing minecraft

  72. Holley Kelley

    I’m definitely trying this

  73. Emeraldo Antony

    mini slimes are harmless.

  74. Leo Is An Idiot


  75. Treasure Wins

    Btw tip if you wanna remake the series If you go to the flat world settings and keep looking through it, you might find the settings for dungeons, caves, villages, decorations, lava lakes, etc You just have to keep look through the settings Edit : and also add a new layer on top of the bedrock, I would suggest 100 layers But you could do any amount you want

  76. Connor's cars

    F for the shulker

    1. reuben wilkinson

      which 1

  77. Jovan


  78. Lisa Hirst

    You should make a 1000 days with tors

  79. zizogaming101

    wither boss?