Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.

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  1. William L.

    "this robot" you better cut that shit before you become "this victim"

  2. Th3 GamingBird

    The amount of dehydrated people in this planet , then comes this wiener

  3. Devin Toric

    Throw it off a really high ledge

  4. Meadow wolf

    Make it a pool

  5. pizzabender

    I remember making oobleck for science, it was really fun

  6. Shakelia Marshall

    That's how Elsa walked on the water 🚶‍♀️

  7. captainrobots

    And a hole it has to be on bothside and it's a scam for how little tape you get.

  8. Hawks bb❤🐓

    Make a boat out of titanium

  9. Hailey Korver

    Why is t he water blue

  10. Poggers cat juice

    You should work on national geographic

  11. Lauren Coffee

    Make another rubber band ball but take it to a working water park

  12. Lauren Coffee

    Tiny hand

  13. Lili


  14. RedMouse


  15. Isabella Blum

    Not dangerous idea at all: fill the ball with helium and go in it

  16. Madeline Pasquale

    You should fill it up with plastic balls

  17. Meme Juice

    His voice over sounds so sarcastic

  18. sam

    sam says, idea:make a charger and laptop

  19. Jonathan Joestar

    Use lego bricks

  20. fex liam

    Try a spoon

  21. Myla Roig

    If you make it to 1000lbs ill subscribe!


    I like the goku ssjg art work

  23. The_ Screamer

    And I'm for my next video I SAWED THIS BOAT IN Half

  24. Rick Rick

    I did this in school in 2 grade

  25. Johnna

    I did this lol

  26. aydin Aybak

    fill it up with water and chill

  27. Johnna

    Instant replay

  28. Aadhil Govender

    You need a special kind of glue stick to take out a dent

  29. Cusci No

    Pick up your trash once you do your experiments, (same goes to everyone me included) RESPECT THE ENVIROMENT AS IT MAKES YOU BE ALIVE

  30. Enderstar79



    Epic gamer moment when he threw the knife at the tree

  32. Leon Honerkamp

    And in Germany, we have Tesafilm: it doesn’t stick to anything

  33. Sarie Burkart

    I should do a challenge who can stay in it the longest!!

  34. Kaelynn Davis

    That won’t work you have to take a plunger a toilet plunger and then you put it in your section it on the deck and then you pull it out and get the plunger off and then it’s gone

  35. Koykoy ONLY

    I miss the old Collins Key

  36. Samantha martinez

    Collins key flashbacks Dem good old days When i was innocent

  37. Raruk_ twarogg

    Make a Gaming setup that would be awesome


    Keep going

  39. Theofficalmclovin_BeAnS

    Sounds like u copied Collins keys vid

  40. Rainbow pig

    Make a lounging room

  41. Betti Hounshell

    Add chocolate in it

  42. A Castro

    Ball pit balls

  43. Giana Pineiro

    Is no one talking about the fact he probably spent like over 500 dollars on this project-

  44. ARB_Issam

    Try to brake the world record for the lorgest rubber band ball

  45. Edvin Sahlen

    can you make a basket ball hoop with rubber bands?

  46. Franklin im the best at roblox

    Buy the pudy thing and use your big magnet

  47. Abraham Rodriguez

    How about orbees

  48. Colton

    “How to make homemade fireworks”

  49. Ozmayra Zambrano


  50. Adam Milton

    Keep going dont stop

  51. John Smith


  52. taha alhaddar

    That moment when you realize that every generation people become dumber and dumber

  53. Chayanis Lí !!

    Plus why were people yelling at you

  54. Chayanis Lí !!

    Why do you need someone’s permission but it’s abandoned it probably doesn’t even have an owner

  55. Emily McGee

    Him:Dont try this at home Homeless people: alright let’s do this

  56. lil_boyyy_

    Legend says he is still going down that river

  57. Piotr Schab

    "I filled it out with boobleg", it's not "boobleg", it's "oobleck"

  58. Emily McGee

    Can you make a pool bowl like the swimming kind pool

  59. Lashley Beauty Guru

    Paint the inside of it with the ball pit balls

  60. NotYourAverageMal

    Quick question…. are u jeffy?

  61. Xgamerbros

    I would pay a thousand dollars for that giant rubber ban ball

  62. Sarah Butler


  63. Evialzz

    We are literally watching grown men play in a paddling pool

  64. Aayushi Dhelaria

    there were many ✨things✨

  65. Hudson Harrington fishing

    Can’t wait Only four more

  66. SOUL TAKER5524

    Ewwwww human bath water cool aid

  67. Heather

    I know why the pawn shop don’t make it a lot a money to sell the thing Because it’s gonna be hard to sell

  68. Happy Oppo

    Hover board:no you can't ride me >:(

  69. Facelesboi

    Him: disrespects iron giant Basically all of the internet: “so you have chosen,death”

  70. brazy the don

    eat it

  71. MJsEpicWorld

    So you copied Collins Key nice

  72. Haylee Reyes

    Full video?

  73. Charan Manikesh

    I think he have rubber band store

  74. Xavier Japtha


  75. Troy Scott

    Makit out of medel

  76. Deyon Nesbeth


  77. Troy Scott

    Try kicking it